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He had been waiting for a long time for this day. The hunt had been worth all the challenges. She was one of those women who knew her worth and made men earn her time. He had earned her time. Now he was going to make her skin buzz with erotic sensual glee and shiver with desire. Her nectar was his and he intended to fully savor ever ounce of it. 

Good thing the walls couldn’t talk, as there would be too many dirty secrets moaned and groaned in bouts of fantasy worthy of a novel. No rush, just sweet tantalizing waves of passion crashing into waves of sinful passion.

Follow the journey of a writer’s discovery about putting words to feelings

Exploring concepts often bound by the secrecy of a closed bedroom or hushed conversations of gossip. This blog attempts to look at a few fanciful perspectives to love.

All depicted stories are purely fictional. Most photos are works of the author and aren’t representative of all the characters and affected stories

Please feel free to share and leave comments if so moved. Likes are awesome too. Should the writer get really good in this journey, a book may come as  result. Maybe…

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