Now that the season of resolutions is done…

The year has been off to a good start. Ideas are still flowing. Romance is feeling great, for many. But cuffing season is fading as people start to think ahead to Spring.

So, let’s just talk about the resolutions this blog has… for a brief moment.

Now that the season of resolutions is done…

The goal this year is to write more consistently and share ideas to inspire the perspectives of romance people can entertain.

Between the motivational Monday posts geared for relationships and the short stories that will grow on the site, the hope is to slowly improve the layout of the blog and make it feel more at home.

I’m taking into account that many of the people coming to the site come from my social media and aren’t seeing some of the social shares and images show up here. That will have to slowly change.

There is a need to share a little more variety of perspectives as well. This journey is just getting heated up.

Ultimately, the hope is to create the kind of reading that makes readers happy and want to come back more often than not.

Just like romance takes time… goals take time…

The evolution of a blog takes longer than this writer expected. Especially when balancing life, career, family, other interest, and ambitions.

However, the fans of this blog have stayed and supported greatly. Now, the hope and aspiration is to give them more of what they like while sharing some of what I like.

As the changes rolls out, it will be mentioned for your ease to find. They’re not being advertised in advance because some things need to be built and tested first. Others have been shown and the stats have confirmed how people feel about them.

The real reason for being so hush-hush is that I don’t want to start the year with all these big ambitious plans and find the year zooms by and nothing comes of them.

But, that said, the blog’s primary goal is to create and share content on a consistent basis for the whole of the year. This is the only way to build trust and interest.

It’s a process that will take time. Hoping you love what you’re reading as the site grows.

Your comments and feedback is extremely valuable

For those who have shared their thoughts, thank you so much. Love it. Appreciate it. Helps a lot in creating new content.

Do please keep the comments coming. Thanks

The feedback will be even more valuable when it comes to the fiction being created for your enjoyment. I’ve had people tell me things that opened my eyes to my writing style.

For example, most of the guys in my stories seemed affluent and the ladies seem overly dressed up (too sexy). That feedback helped me step up my efforts in ways I didn’t realize I needed to. Now, I have more characters in the pipeline that look and feel more like normal people.

I’ve noticed people seem more interested in those than the overly glamorized versions I started with. Plus, it’s made writing more fun.

So, yes, please let me know your thoughts. Don’t’ matter if it’s on this site or on social. I read them all… and it helps me get better.

With time, this place will feel more cozy and inviting for you all.

Relationship Monday

We’re in this together. We’re working together to make the various perspectives on love work.

You need me to create good content for you to enjoy. I need you to keep me motivated to create good content. The more we chat together, the more I’m able to create what you enjoy.

No, I’m not selling out. There are things I will create that are not always going to be what you like… but that’s just part of the process. Other times, I will create what you like to help expand my skills… even if it’s not my first choice of content to make.

Bottom line, we all have to work together to make dreams come true.

I deeply thank you all for the support and connections built. Cheers to the future and making more amazing content for you to enjoy.

This week, as you move forward with your goals, wishing you all the best so that your perspective on romance blossoms and serves you well.


2 thoughts on “Now that the season of resolutions is done…

Add yours

  1. I love to say you’re an amazing writer who keep his readers wanting more. Your stories are inspiring and have been sampled along the way 🙂 imagination. Please continue on providing what comes to mind while we have the enjoyment of reading!!!

    Thank You so much for being open of asking upon feedback from us all. I did love the storyline yet The sexiness of your previous stories were more of reading as teen “Harlequin novels”, wheras your writing you’ve switched up on as you say normal People.
    I appreciate your sharing of goals and your target on reaching them, I too always felt as their listed I find myself not even completing half of them before the year is out. The goal is to set the bar high yet within reachable range.


    1. You’re very welcome

      I’m glad I’m able to inspire my readers as well as entertain

      You’re one of the few who read all of my blogs. Therefore you get to see the diversity of thoughts and styles I’m working on.

      I’m glad each can impress you. No easy feat. One I will continue to strive for

      Don’t give up on your goals. The year is still very young. Feel free to raise the bar when necessary


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