Mary’s Wedges

Romance is not always complicated. However, it always needs a bit of work. George and Mary uncover the unexpected joy of a little gift that gives them more joy than expected. It's really the little things that matter and count. Cherish your relationship by keeping romance alive in your own unique way

Don’t Be Intimidated

Just because a woman is strong doesn't make a man weak.

There is plenty of room for us all. The world is better off when women are given room to be their best.

Leave your fragile ego aside. Encourage women's equality and opportunity

Everyone wins when women win

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Women’s Heritage Month

Using some blogging logic.... men add... women multiply

Therefore, it's in the world's best interest that women shine and have equitable access to opportunities.

The world is better when women are better.

Thank you ladies for all that you do... and cheers to a better fairer futur

Syncing up relationship goals

Many have personal goals for the year. But few have relationship goals for the year. Like... in working together towards one goal.

A look at teamwork to make the dream work by syncing up New Year Resolutions.

Kicking off the new year! Best Wishes

Making Time

The march of time often appears to change romance and stall love

However... are we really making time for love? Robbing Peter to pay Paul... or investing in bonding through love?

Musings on the time we say we spend... and should be spending

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