I just want to DM her…

Online... fellas have earned the rep of being crass...rude... demanding... demeaning... etc But... really... does that have to be? If you want to impress the woman, try not being such a guy for a change

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When Ambitions Compete… relationship harmony hangs in the balance

Can a romance survive the tug of war of two lovers who have a very different idea of what their future should look like? Terrence loves to chill and is fine with whatever the future holds. Alex needs a clear path to the future in order to feel comfortable. He thinks she wants an instant proposal. She's baffled that he doesn't care about tomorrow When ambitions compete... or don't compete... harmony hangs in the balance. Will these two live long enough to celebrate their first anniversary? Or will the fight over a pool party end it all?

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Digital Dating

it may feel nice and easy to date digitally instead of the old fashioned way... but old school still has an edge on new school. Take a digital dating 101 look at the changes coming

Too Fast?

Nothing like that rush and sweet giddy feeling of falling in love. Nothing like that state of anxiety wandering if this feeling is real or will last. Can one fall in love too fast? Does it even matter how fast? Just maybe, let's slow down just long enough to find the sexy in falling in love... even if a bit fast. Trust me, it's worth the fast read. (play on words fully intended)

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A Dying Art

Getting to know someone was an art. Today, it's a mine field. Social discourse is now highly politicized and sterilized. Transactions over relationship building... A dying art...

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In Good Company

Most mornings require coffee to start it off right. Mondays may require a double dose... But sometimes, something a bit stronger, naughtier, hotter, spicier is needed. Only possible when keeping good company

Pre-Holidays Jitter

The most wonderful time of the year to spend with friends and families.... And then, you find out your loved on isn't feeling very lovey-dovey All that work to build a love connection over the summer now is done and over with. Why? Just one little take on what may have played against your favor... food for thought...

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