To Be Complete… in love

We often assume that love will fix things... love will complete us... love is a magic solution. Sorry. It is not. It takes work to become complete so you can completely enjoy love Inspired words from a post by Teekay of Fashion Pastry launching this blog post

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Launched Social Shorts

Trying to expand the creative way by which a story is told. Keeping creativity fresh. Mixing the format up with social media images and storytelling Trying new ways to expand musings or share thoughts in a micro-blogging sort of way

Time Shifts

Some day you say... Why not today... When life shifts... you've got to shift as well... musings from social media

Reflections on Reflection

It is easy to feel badly about ourselves when comparing our life to other's highlight reel. Social media is such a highlight reel. So long as you are better today than you were yesterday.. you're winning

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