Random musings in poetic prose.... Women are strong. Some don't need a man. But others chose to be with a man. Strength recognizes strength. Only he who is worthy... can play the keys and make them jingle his tune

A Perspective on Intimacy

We often think of intimacy as something sexual. It's not. Seeing someone's soul as they are... that's intimacy. Romance with intimacy leads to great sensuality and sex... love too. Looking at authenticity in relationship building through the perspective of intimacy

Embracing Healing

Sometimes it takes a harsh look at oneself to break the cycle of self-criticism and self-sabotage Embrace healing to free oneself to be more Play on words. Sharing is caring. Level up one's mindset is a gift of self-love

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Keeping Romance Fresh

Falling in love... being romantic at the start... is easy The work often gets discounted... when things work out fine But... the same work that went into the art of seduction... is the work that keeps a romance...fresh Few musings on the mindset of keeping romance fresh

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Golden Handcuffs

Some feel that relationships are just balls and chains that keep people tied down. Others rather work on their careers than their personal relationships While others would much rather spend more time bond to each other in bliss. Whatever your preference, make sure your gold handcuffs fit your needs.

The Long Look Back

Kevin was wrestling with feelings that he couldn't control, stop, reverse, or handle. If he didn't get a grip on them, they would ruin an otherwise perfect relationship Kevin sought help from the only wise person he could trust, Pat... the town's elder. Would Pat be able to help calm the inner struggles Kevin was facing or would his two year relationship implode as a consequence?

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Respect for Women: What of my feelings…?

It is correct, men have to respect women. However true, there is a complication....feelings. Guys have feelings that aren't always respectful in nature. Is there really a solution? Can respect and feelings coexist? One tiny sliver of a look at the huge topic of respect for women. Respect and feelings do coexist...

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That little bit of spice that makes you bite your tongue that you just wish your lover would do... yet is not delivering.. yeah.. that kind of hunger

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