The Team of Support we often take for granted

As a type-A personality, it’s easy to focus on what we/I will do. It’s easy to think that the whole world is slacking and we’re the only ones pulling hard for our success.

Sure, no one cares about out our dreams and businesses like we do. However, just because we’re more attached to the outcome doesn’t mean others don’t care and support.

The Team of Support we often take for granted

I was reflecting on the nature of support I get from my friends, family, and colleagues.

It’s easy to feel misunderstood and not supported in the exact way we want.

Some days, I wish I had a cheerleading squat loud support team boosting me up (very rarely want that…but it happens).

I’ve yet to have that kind of active loud energetic support. Mostly because I don’t ask or look for that. So people don’t give me that.

Yet, I am filled with a lot of love and support. Just the quite type.

Don’t take your support team for granted

It’s easy to get frustrated with friends and family when they don’t share your enthusiasm or give you the validation that you want.

This doesn’t mean they don’t care. It definitely does not mean they don’t notice.

The other day, someone who I respect, left me a message that blew my mind away.

They had been watching very quietly from a distant my journey. The didn’t know what to say to help, but had been praying for me and wanted me to know that.

I, naturally, pressed them with a question. Their answer enlightened me on the value of what they saw in me. I was humbled and amazed.

They didn’t have the words to show their support and had assumed I knew.

It’s ok to ask their point of view

Sometimes, people just don’t know how to show their support. Worse, some feel their support doesn’t matter much.

Either way, sometimes, it pays to ask. When you do find out they’re supporting, don’t minimize it or take it for granted.

Every single cheer, private or public, is valuable energy that helps you move forward in life.

Every impression your blog post makes (to use this context as an example) is a form of support. Someone who is being impressed by your influence.

Their time is valuable and they invested it in you and what you’re doing.

Thank you! I appreciate that.

We’re all social beings and we thrive best when we’re connected to others. One way to keep that connection healthy is to understand that people support us in their own unique ways.

Relationship Monday

Often, the people who love us the most don’t get to know how much we appreciate their support.

We take it for granted that they will support us. We easily get upset when they don’t appear to support in the way we want them to.

Worse, sometimes we train them not to express their support by the way we treat them.

As we continue to grind forward, let’s just remember that they’ve invested in us as well. They’re supporting in their own right.

We need that network of support to function beautifully. We also need to do our part in supporting them as well.

Waiting for that big award or promotion to feel acknowledge is a very narrow perspective of support.

What about all the loved ones who did the hard work of encouraging us… and will not get an award?

This post, which was not going to happen without the encouragement of a friend, is trying to encourage you to show support to those we take for granted.

Without these supporters, our lives would not be as wonderful as it is. Even if we don’t think it’s wonderful enough, it would have been less so.

Happy Monday. Go out and make it awesome, while being grateful for the team of supporters we easily take for granted.

The text from social media…below

Without supportive people cheering you on… some dreams just fade into oblivion.

Sometimes, the supporters cheer in a way that you may not find ideal.. but it is still a valuable cheer.

Let’s just remember the support and celebrate the ones who cheer us… even if quietly.

We stand tall in our crafts… because we’ve got the shoulders of supporters.

I wouldn’t have gotten this far in my creative journey with the help of amazing people along the way.

Very grateful! Thank you one and all.

These musings… are reflected on the blog today… for those who keep tabs of my postings

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