Women’s Heritage Month

Growing up, watching men squirm around Valentine’s Day compared to women’s joy left an impression that love was the domain of women and the bane of men.

Anything super emotional, it appeared, was something to run away from, if you’re a guy, and to embrace as a woman.

However, most of the value that helped generations elevate to the stature they know is due to the presence of women in the lives of everyone.

Of course, there have been many men who have done amazing wonders in forming civilization, and history books applaud and lavish many of them with praise.

So, let’s look at women from the perspective of this blog for a little spell. What makes women so amazing? What about women are we missing?

The answer to those questions are too large and too important for this blog post to do justice. Instead, lets just take a little sliver and run with that.

Women’s Heritage Month

In most situations, humanity has been touched and shaped by the hands of a woman. From motherhood to teachers to significant others, women have been touching lives at all stages of human existence.

The unsung heroes that rarely get the proper valuation they deserve. Too many societies treat women as second rate citizens at best.

The due respect is lost on far too many.

Worse, there is an ethos of false bravado that rewards men for being oblivious to the needs of women.

The contributions in science, finance, governance, and many others, can scarcely be calculated. Just look at how many geniuses and mega brain powerhouses of our history who had the influence of a woman guide and inspire. let’s not ignore all the amazing contributions women made that men took credit for

I used to be told stories of women who had zero formal education single-handedly raising respectful ivy league graduates with the most prestigious of letters trailing behind their names.

We all know that woman who can just give you a look and you know instantly to act right, no matter how grown you are. And I’m not just talking about mom or grandma either.

Armed with often too little, women have multiplied and magnified until legendary results were made. Sadly, most of these achievements aren’t being valued by society.

March… all about the women

We can easily continue to list the wrongs society continues to inflict on women. We can continue to look back into the past and find reason to praise women of past eras. We can search today for the rising star and give them media attention.

However. What is most important right now, learning to treat women as equals. That is far more important for society to survive and thrive.

After all, women make up half of the global population. Imagine how the world can change if they’re equally engaged in the process of shaping existence.

Some may fear that women will take over and push men out. Sure, there are some women who feel this way. But in reality, women just want to live as much as the next guy. Live in peace, comfort, and harmony. They, women, also want happiness, love, and liberty.

The world is sufficiently large enough for women to have their own say and influence without needing a separation of living quarters. See how silly that sounds, yet that’s how most of the world treats women

This blog is not suggesting a revolution to throw out everything and start over. This blog is encouraging we show respect because that is what humans do.

Speaking of respect

This blog was created as a means to extend my creativity. The only people who knew how nervous I was were my women friends. The people who supported me the most, my women friends. The guys, bless their hearts, weren’t too bothered and told me they are confident I got this and don’t need their help.

OK… not all the guys… and definitely not my closest guy friends… but let me not digress

By having women share their insights, I’ve been able to grow from the blog that preceded this one to several that have come up after this one.

Women do magical things. They take what you give them and find a way to multiply it. That’s just magical. Men, the saying goes, just add or subtract. That’s great, and good, and just fine.

Now, if this anecdote holds wisdom, wouldn’t it be better for men (let’s just run with the male perspective for a moment) to promote and support women so that they can do their multiplicative magic? The kind that ends up elevating both the man and woman at the same time? Sounds pretty logical from a man’s point of view.

Purely from a selfish point, society benefits when women are empowered. Purely from an altruistic point of view, the world benefits when women are empowered.

The only time the world is not better off from women being empowered is when guys with weak and fragile egos are asked to step down to give way for another person to lead.


That only hurts the fragile ego, not the world or civilization. And that already happens when another man topples said egotistical man.

So… where is the problem again?

Oh yeah.

The ego.

Relationship Monday

This month, in honor of the women who helped me evolve to the man I am today, I’m going to put a few posts together to share with fans and readers of the blog.

A few ideas to think about and share… or even click like on.

Of late, I’ve been swamped with offline life. I’ve had a few opportunities presented, by women, that will make my life and the lives of others much better.

It’s a lot of work. It’s a lot of time. It’s slowing down my production for this hobby. But that’s OK. I’m not going away. I’m just grateful that I’ve got the chance to spread my wings and try something new and way way outside my comfort zone.

One can do this when one has friends and family providing support. Balanced support because there are women and men in the mix giving you a diverse set of key pushes.

There will be more information later about what I’m working on soon. For now, remember to be nice to the women in your lives. Be kind to them. Support them. Encourage them.

This applies to everyone… male and female. Let’s be kind to each other. Period.

Until the next post, do have a fabulous day on purpose… filled with love and compassion. Traits women often are encouraged to exhibit that men can easily cultivate and show as well.

For your reading pleasure, a sampled list of other Motivational Monday post will be added below. Just click on the title or image to get to the post of interest.

Appreciate any sharing of these posts you’re inclined to do. Helps spread the word.

  1. Relational Levels of Awareness - Who sets the temperature of the thermostat? Are they aware of how others in the house feel about their choice? The degree of awareness a person has will greatly influence how well they relate with others. Trust what people show you...it holds the key to who they are and how aware they are. Openmindedness is good
  2. Growth vs Change Approach - When the timing for marriage brought up 'stress' between Tammy and Scott... they knew they had to change their approach. Change is inevitable. One can hope and pray... or one can grow and adapt to change. Happy Monday
  3. Women’s Heritage Month - Using some blogging logic.... men add... women multiply Therefore, it's in the world's best interest that women shine and have equitable access to opportunities. The world is better when women are better. Thank you ladies for all that you do... and cheers to a better fairer futur

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