Just How Pretty is Sitting Pretty

Tiffany got the job! She's sitting pretty! Now it's time to organize and figure out the lay of the land. In no time, she's rallied the troops and set herself up pretty. Sam, however, is nowhere to be found. Her heart beats for him. While Sam is looking for a good way to approach, things take a nasty turn. Will Sam ever win Tiffany's heart? Will she uncover his humiliation? All to play for in finding out just how pretty is sitting pretty...

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Sitting Pretty

When she read the text, she knew that her plans were changed. However, there was no way of knowing just how much a change this would be. Her only hope was that this didn't mess up her job prospects, if not, he was going to pay very dearly. She wanted to upgrade her career and start sitting pretty for a change. Only she had no idea just how pretty she'd be sitting soon. Part One...

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