Feminism Changed Our Marriage 3/3

Part - 3 Negotiating changes in gender roles is one thing. Change in culture and purpose compounds the challenges Dorothy and Albert now confront this big secret with the help of a therapist. Will the marriage survive? Can a new balance be found without Dorothy feeling a loss of power? Or Albert feeling less of a man?

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Feminism Changed Our Marriage 2/3

Part - 2 Albert tried his best to make Dorothy happy. All seemed well. However, over time, Albert realized how much control he had given up. Worse, he was being wiped out of the home he thought he was co-leading Friends were helping his wife remove him from his own marriage. Then, one day, Dorothy discovered his secret. Now the marriage was in jeopardy

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Feminism Changed Our Marriage 1/3

Part 1 - Trilogy Dorothy discovers, through friends, that she's not leading her family as strongly as she should. Feminism isn't such a bad word. Seizing her power, she ramps things up. All is well until she discovers some dark secret that Albert has been hiding. Trouble falls on paradise

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Troubling Nuances

We can attack each other or give each other the benefit of the doubt... then build together. People tend to act from a good place.... however... we don't always agree on what is good. These nuances can be troubling... if mishandled

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That Passive Aggressive Ish

That person who means well... but really hurts all too well. They say stuff, do stuff, forget stuff.... in such hurtful ways.... yet.. they don't see it. Stan had enough. If his lady didn't stop her Ish, their relationship was going to be over.

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