Women’s Heritage Month

Using some blogging logic.... men add... women multiply Therefore, it's in the world's best interest that women shine and have equitable access to opportunities. The world is better when women are better. Thank you ladies for all that you do... and cheers to a better fairer futur

Growth vs Change Approach

When the timing for marriage brought up 'stress' between Tammy and Scott... they knew they had to change their approach. Change is inevitable. One can hope and pray... or one can grow and adapt to change. Happy Monday

Relational Levels of Awareness

Who sets the temperature of the thermostat? Are they aware of how others in the house feel about their choice? The degree of awareness a person has will greatly influence how well they relate with others. Trust what people show you...it holds the key to who they are and how aware they are. Openmindedness is good

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