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  • Don’t Be Intimidated

    The advent of a strong woman has been problematic. Many men have felt intimidated by her arrival. It almost flies in the face of the pouty-lipped doe-eyed hapless lady waiting to be rescued by her man.

    Key word being… almost

    Yet, fellas have drank the Kool-Aide.

    The rise of strong powerful women make many men of older generations quake with fear. Some of that fear has started to bleed onto the pages of impressionable young minds who are thinking of dating.

    The once cootie-feared girls are now cherished attractive angels of mysterious delight.

    Dating empowered women, living with empowered women, marrying empowered women… can be daunting. But, does it really?

    Don’t be intimidated

    I’ve contended that strong women are welcomed. They’re not the problem. Women rarely feel some type of way because they’re around strong men. And we can’t use the argument that they’ve got experience with strong men to explain why they’re not threatened by strong men

    What bothers women most, besides creeps and scary men, are weak men. They can’t deal with weakness that lacks direction and self-awareness, let alone self-accountable direction.

    for the sake of reading simplicity, by way of editorial note, “weak men” means… immature direction-less coward of a man… the kind that pretends to be more than they are

    Yet, men… have issues with strong powerful women. As if the strength of such a person inherently negates their own sense of security and abilities.

    Let’s just be clear now, strong women does not equal brash and unhinged. That scares everyone.

    By definition, a strong woman is a woman who has a healthy sense of self and can make intelligent decisions about her autonomy.

    Being strong doesn’t take away from her femininity just like intelligence doesn’t take away from her social sensibilities.

    Who’s intimidated

    In the early years of life, as boys slowly transition to men at a rate slower than girls transition to women, one can understand why boys get intimidated.

    Rank in social circles are very important to boys… and men… let’s keep it real.

    The bro-code has fellas jumpy at anything that can demote their social rank. The goal, of course, being to maintain rank and/or advance rank whenever possible.

    So. Whenever a girl, who once was considered weird, now looks very attractive, there is a risk of disturbing the social order if you are made to look like a fool while approaching her for a date.

    Sadly, many men have not let that go as they moved into adulthood.

    As men mature, they’re supposed to catch up and gain their own strength and not feel bothered by the presence of strong women in their lives. In fact, most healthy adult males I know welcome the presence of a strong woman.

    Just ask any guy who had to staunchly defend a key woman in his life. He’ll fight you to the death to defend her.

    By this blogging logics, it stands to reason, men can and do welcome strong women in their lives. This can be extended to women in general.

    skipping all the gender politics to keep this blog post short and on point

    For the one’s labeled as “intimidating”

    Ladies. Keep being you. Don’t shrink your value because a few fellas can’t handle your shine. Don’t shy away from having your own thoughts. Embrace your smarts. Be you. We need you to be strong.

    For perspective, keep in mind that most men will spend the vast majority of his life sharing his most intimate moments with a woman. And… women grow in strength over time.

    You can’t play silly games with a mature woman. She’s too smart for that and has no time for that. Thankfully, many guys grow up and mature and embrace the strength of the women in their lives over time.

    So… why are women considered intimidating again?

    The dreaded, revered, loved, reviled, and cherished ego is the culprit. not to give a pass on stupidity, immaturity, ignorance, bad upbringing, negative peer pressure, and way more

    Immature egos can’t deal with the blunt truth that it is not the smartest, strongest, most capable in the room.

    Through many evolutionary cycles, that weak immature ego has learned not to challenge the dominance (read as strength) of an alpha male (the one with the most strength in the given setting of comparison).

    So. A guy who knows he’s not going to outperform another man will not easily challenge that man. For fear of his ego getting bruised and his social rank being demoted. Not that this has stopped many testosterone-fueled efforts that failed spectacularly.

    When a woman, who is of alpha nature, shows up with all the dominance of the alpha male of the group, some of the weaker men feel all kinds of uneasy. They’re seeing their own inadequacies and it makes them feel horrible. (OK, not so much horrible as uneasy)

    In proper male fashion, you lash out in some way… preferably legally. Unlike women, who will daftly attack the very social fabric of the woman they don’t like, males will try to lower the status of the woman who unnerves them with abusive tactics. It’s ruthless. It’s juvenile. It’s hurtful and heartless at times.

    Fortunately, strong/mature men don’t resort to such petty means. Instead, they celebrate and champion all who have gained mastery and excellence of their domain.

    They understand that iron sharpens iron and diamond cuts diamond. The stronger your circle, the stronger you are. By having strong men around you, you have a strong sense of masculine views of all kinds. But… adding strong women gives you a much needed strong view of feminine views.

    That’s where diversity wins. That’s where top performers excel. That’s why it’s important to celebrate women in all ranks and help them elevated to their best strong self.

    We need strong women. After all, they’re breaking grounds in every aspect of society. Wouldn’t it be ideal to have these trailblazers be smart, strong, self-sufficient, and everything positive?

    The notion that women are intimidating is sadly an artifact of male egos that grew and got conflated in the hallowed hollows of our high school institutions. Of course, there are other complicating factors from other segments of civilization that keeps this myth alive and well.

    Women’s History Month

    The cost to society, when we keep women from achieving their best, can’t be measured in simple billions of dollars of lost productivity.

    Ignoring the value women bring to our world is at the peril of future generations.

    Thankfully, coming generations are embracing the nature held unwavering theorem that women are just as capable as men in every single aspect of life.

    It’s a natural law. It’s a divine concept. It’s even an evolutionary precept.

    Wait… what…?!?!

    1- The Genesis account – woman was taken from the rib to symbolize her equitability and value next to and equal to men. Through the effects of sin… men labeled themselves superior and have thwarted the growth of women for too many centuries.

    2- For those who value survival of the fittest – evolution should have wiped out the lesser option of physiology if it was not as strong and capable as the other option. Yet, here we are with half of all living humans being female. And despite all sociological efforts to subjugate evolution to eradicate women’s influence… we’re in an era where a woman’s voice has more impact than ever in recorded modern history (for those who think women are just baby incubators, why invest so much into making them very smart… if all you need is an incubator?!? But I digress)

    3-It’s part of the natural order of things that women exist and contribute to life. And they do so very very well despite the massive cultural and social barriers erected before them. Imagine if they were supported and promoted.

    As one philosopher once said (the name eludes me) how many genius minds of the world are silenced when we oppress women and minorities around the world. Their smarts devoted to survival instead of discovery of their genius… leaves a colossal loss to humanity.

    When we look back through the perspective of his-story… it appears as if women didn’t do much. This is why it’s important to bring out her-story so she knows she’s just as valuable as anyone else.

    From a purely selfish position, it’s still advantageous for a man to support and elevate his lady. It’s vital he’s not intimidated by her but learns alongside her. They both end up in a better place.

    Yeah. I get it. As a teen (which I am not) it can be scary to spar with a woman who’s far more capable of outwitting you. The vague notion that her prowess means you’ll not get laid far outweighs logical thinking. Maybe, you can get laid if you just leveled up to her level… instead of bringing her down to yours.

    So, guys. Level up!

    Ladies… there are guys who aren’t intimidated by you and have leveled up and wanna be in your company.

    Today, being that it’s Woman’s Day… let’s just celebrate the beauty that is their complexity. Women just can do it all. That makes them amazing. And as cool as that is, they actually still want us to share the planet with them. Truly utterly amazing, given our track record with them.

    Cheers to all the women who make this world go round. Thank you for ions of awesomeness that sadly goes unnoticed. You’re the MVP!

    Long may your love of life bloom as you go about being the best that you can be.

    Editorial Note: certain artistic liberties with facts were taken… to add entertainment value of this read. In all seriousness, women are phenomenal. Period. Thank you ladies for making this world a better place.



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