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  • Mary’s Wedges

    One of those sweet days When work seems to never end When getting home is the goal Yet, playfulness goes on today

    Making an extra effort Keeping the wedges on It is Wednesday after all And his eyes will trace

    A look without haze Caught in her gaze Impressed by her dress She’s, after all, his empress

    It was worth rushing home He knew she’d be there But, surprised he was She was just wonderful laying there

    It’s these extra notes of efforts These acts of kindness The ones others easily took for granted That kept their relationship different

    Mary’s Wedges

    There was a lot more to this lovely lady than met the eye. George understood that. His lady was one who had a great appetite for intimacy, the kind most took for fantasy.

    His friends had warned him. They had told him all kinds of stories. Some fueled by jealousy, others by genuine concern.

    A lady like Mary was too good to be true. Just a figment of the imagination only seen on social media.

    But that didn’t deter George.

    The Gift of Mary

    For all the talk, there was one thing that spoke louder, action. Mary was about her life in full authenticity. She partied hardy, she laughed wholeheartedly, she moved graciously, unapologetically.

    No, there was no remorse in being a wonderful person. There was no excuses for being awesome. Mary was smart. Cute. And sexy.

    More importantly, her sense of loyalty was stronger and more clear than all the other women he knew. George understood that her levels of maturity was above that of her peers.

    She gave without hesitation. She provided without reservation. This was her gift. Her heart. Her soul. Her mind. She gave fully to those she trusted.

    The Wedges

    It was a pleasant surprise to the both when a box arrived with a pair of wedges. Mary hadn’t ordered them, as she was sticking to her budget to wrap up her masters degree. George didn’t get them, as he had other gifts in mind.

    Was this a gift from one of her lady friends or guy friends? Whoever it was, they had great taste. These would require a special date. One with a dance floor, to show them off.

    The smile across Mary’s face told the rest of the story. She was already thinking about the end of their date and the fun they would have later. The wedges were just the appetizer, the real fun would be when the lights dimmed, if they even dimmed.

    The Gift for Mary

    George had worked hard with his mentor to learn the advance skills of romance. A lady like Mary needed a man who was confident and self-assured. Women like Mary were smarter and wiser than their ages let on.

    All this confidence and abundance of exploration meant that George would have to constantly look for new ways to explore their relationship and lead them forward ever closer.

    In time, George understood a valuable lesson. Women can lead in romance just as well as men could. And in his specific case, Mary didn’t need him, she wanted him. That was a significant difference.

    This motivated George to be ever more bold in his own beliefs, stronger in his convictions, and more open with his communication.

    That was his gift to Mary. Being his most authentic self and sharing his heart with her. Giving her room to nurture him her way. The more he gave of his heart, the more she took care of it and supported him.

    Unlike the advice of others, who advised him to be very careful and hold back, Mary responded best when he held nothing back.

    What does wedges have to do with romance?

    Really, nothing.

    However, these wedges were one of several gifts that reminded George of how good he had it. How amazing his bond was. How true his romance had developed.

    They had started their romance very young and very early. They had gotten intense way sooner than others would have. Yet, they lasted longer than all the other relationships around them. They had more fun and more adventures.

    If a word had to be given for their success, it would be trust. That was why they made it all along. Trust.

    However, that wasn’t their word for it. If you asked Mary and George, they’d tell you that their relationship just worked. They just understood each other. They been at it so long, the knew just what was needed to remain comfortable, but pushed enough to keep it fresh.

    But… there is another side to this story

    For those who follow this story unfolding on social media, you’ll soon find out that there is away more to this story than meets the eye.

    The other chapter will be told from a different perspective.

    For now, just remember, whatever makes your relationship wonderful is you unique blend of success. No two relationships are alike. What works for George and Mary may not well work for you. However, you can learn one thing, be fearlessly authentic in your relationship and let it grow as it grows.

    Until the next blog entry, live your best life on your terms, and love one another fully.

    There’s a little more to this story, shared on social media by way of Instagram. Feel free to check it out. I’m experimenting with a new format of storytelling that will eventually grace this blog as well.


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