One Year of Perspectives

Happy One Year

A timid start took place back on the 25th of August 2016. Timid because I was at a cross-road in my writing journey. I wanted to write on the topic of love and families but felt totally unqualified to do this. So, what better way to dip the toes into the pool than to write a little fiction about romance.

It was supposed to be a small experiment to understand blogging and get myself accustomed to writing on a regular basis. It was initially supposed to help me get my skills sharpened for my main blog. Well, that blog is doing well but this has been so much fun. I’ve grown as a writer.

At the time of writing this anniversary post, it’s nearly two years into the blog

With the experiment a success, the audacity to continue kept me going through a number of experiments to make the place feel more like a home online.

Problem was… this is too much fun. I can be creative… let my ideas flow. So much so that the original blog concepts I wanted to have has been struggling to gain traction (I’m still trying to make time to get those concepts up and running… because I’m so busy enjoying here). Something about having fun keeps pulling me back.

I don’t do vanity metrics often. I don’t look at how long I’ve been writing a whole lot. I just know that now that it’s fun, I’m writing at a rate I never thought was possible.

A little over 30k words written in my first calendar year of blogging… across 19 posts. Who knew I’d enjoy the topic of romance so much. Unbelievable.

Thank you all so kindly for following the evolution of my writing. Thank you for all the likes too.

this posts was slipped into the correct order of the time line for the sake of keeping things smooth. Cheers to the first year


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