New Season of Love

A speaker said, recently, that Spring is the time for new beginnings. New romances. New season. New hopes. New dreams.

Nature is waking up and starting over in the Spring. Well, given how much it’s snowing outside currently, Old Man Winter didn’t get the memo and is holding Mother Nature hostage while ruining her Spring wardrobe.

Whatever the case is, many people start thinking of Spring cleaning and making things fresh. Some are leaving relationships with the hopes of finding better. Others are just happy to get out of the frumpy winter clothing for something more colorful and light.

Celebrations are gearing up as wedding season is about to kick off. It’s a new season, a new quarter, a new lease on life.

This only means a few things for this blog… less time to write with more ambitions to write more. Also means juggling goals even more energy to keep up the pace with life.

Whatever your goals and ambitions were for the start of the year, look at the start of this quarter as an opportunity to reset the slate and start fresh to move the yearly goal forward.

Motivation Monday

Now is a good time to refresh one’s romance. Look at things from a different perspective. Let’s look at the possibilities that can be found, the hope of better. A refreshing of our love’s perspective.

Being cooped up inside has affected certain aspects of the romance one has. With Spring in the air, there is the chance to spread the wings and explore better memories and dates.

While planning all the fun and excitement for the good weather, do pencil in more fun and energizing activities to bring more sparkle and joy to your love.

Wishing everyone a fantastic new week, new quarter, and new season. May the perspective of love you hold be rosy and in your favor, even when based on reality. Until we chat again, keep your love’s perspective bright, shiny, and fresh

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