It’s a matter of perspective


Many feel that love is the one thing they need to cure-all ills and set their soul free. While that is cute and all, many confuse the euphoric feeling of excitement with love. That confusion often leads a person down the wrong rabbit hole of life. Once that feeling change, which it inevitably does, they mistakenly believe that their love is over. No one says this of their siblings or friends, yet they do for their romance.

All about vantage point of view


One can look at a romantic flight of stairs, yes… the ones at many wedding reception venues, and draft up inferences about how love works. Many will see it as going down a path that banishes away all the fun of youth and singlehood. Gone are the freedoms and adventures. You’re now going down a path of adulthood plain vanilla doldrums.

Others see it as the rise from the stresses of dating and entering a celestial palace of joint loving and full living. A rise from above the demands of explanations about why you’re single and when will you finally grow up and settle down into a proper family. The walk down the corridor of love is a rite of passage to freedom and happiness.

To this blog, it doesn’t matter what your perspective is, there is a story to tell about it. Each person has their own unique experience. That is why love is so complex a simple topic.

Only but so much time


As one follows the adventures of life, there is but so much time to fully enjoy. The recommendation of this blog is that you take time to fully be present and mindful of your experiences so that they’re the best vantage point for your needs. Nourish and cherish the view you have. Build on it. Make it great. Improve on it. Share it. Inspire others with it.

Up. Down. Sideways. As long as you’re on your way to your destination, enjoy the journey for every bit of it’s worth. Then, you’ll truly have the best perspective on love that counts… yours!

Editorial Note: This post was originally shared in the portfolio section of the blog on August 6, 2017. It was moved to the blog as part of a site audit. 

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