Sitting at the dinner table looking at her handsome man doing the dishes, her heart raced a little bit. She had landed a good one. A really good one. He was perfect. He took care of things. He was romantic. He was kind, sweet, and just everything a gal could ask for.

Yet, there was something. No words could capture this. She wanted a little more. A little more roar and rawr.

That was just silliness, really. She had the perfect guy. But why was she feeling some kind of hunger pangs…

A Post about Hunger? This better be good

There are of course many types of hunger and the obvious ones do not need repeating or focus at this time. But there are types of hunger that go by unspoken. The unrequited love. The moment sought after but rarely found. The zeal that ignites but finds no flame to fuel.

Yeah, that kind of hunger. It is rampant and totally swept under the rug. It’s the type of desire that makes people go off a cliff and do irrational things to find a peace. That kind of itch that you know you want fixed yet can’t find.

Not the cheat on your loved-one variety

It’s that place where you look across the table at your beautiful significant other and the drool starts, but you know you can’t do anything about it because there is a homework project that must be completed.

That place where you just want the other to do something, but words fail you, and you’re left wanting.


When you don’t have a relationship, often times that hunger comes across as thirst for something shallow, quick, and superficial. Hearts get hurt in those types of transactions. No, that’s not the type of hunger for this post.

Salaciously hungry

It’s that outfit you long to see on your lady, you swear she knows about it too, and yet, it is always passed up for that “other” look that is ok, but not just right. It’s that moment you know you need to chat, yet the remote just seems too quick to fall into his hands and click quickly to ESPN. You just wanna be closer, yet you can’t seem to bridge the gap.

Even in bed, this foolery happens

Yeah, this author is not familiar with this condition. However, there are enough commentaries online about this type of hunger. The one where you go the guy just right, you’re about to enjoy some serious elevation, and he rolls over…done and out.

That place where you’re just trying to explain how the toy works, and just when she’s about to try it, she figures it’s time to cut out the light, go back to the old tried and true playbook.

That place where you just need that extra boost from your other, yet they’re not delivering.


Soo… yeah… then what?

Being this is not an advice blog, it’s a fiction writing blog, really can’t pontificate a great answer. However, that said. There is a word that comes to mind that starts the process. Communication.

Simple. Effective. Direct. Communication

Trust, it’s not the simplicity that’s the problem. When hungry, words often fail. Concepts get jumbled up. The anticipation, the desire is such that satisfaction is the only logical conclusion.

Patience is not the virtue it appears to be when you’re hungry. And while logics is good, it also knows that a great conversation will not fix the cause of the hunger every single time. Certain people like keeping others hungry. Others have no clue how to satiate their partner’s hunger.


With communication, there is a chance for a solution. Even if that solution involves the hungry party finding and learning to like a different diet.

Yes. That is possible. Difficult, but doable.

Diet though… really?!?

Just keeping it 100. Not every person will be able to or want to help feed the hunger. Blessed are those who do. Yet, if you’re in a situation where your partner just has no desire to do that one thing you so crave, yet it’s not a deal breaker thing, don’t throw them to the curb as the popular theme is in pop culture.

Example: That guy who just absolutely goes bananas whenever his wife goes commando… yet she feels that cows will fly before she ever does something that outlandish. Should he dissolve his relationship over that?

Example: That lady who absolutely wants to dominate her man in sharp suits on a date and he can’t picture his Silicon Valley hooded sweatshirt self caught ever in a suit of any kind. Should she toss him to the curb for that/

These are very superficial examples obviously, but the point is, unless it’s a deal breaker, a compromise can be reached. Hunger is a funny business that just doesn’t let up until fed. For the sake of happiness, harness and channel that hunger into productive fireworks that glue you closer together.

Hunger indeed

Talk to each other. Talk with each other. Love is beautiful. Love needs feeding. Love grows.

It’s ok to be hungry in the proverbial sense. It’s a different story when the pangs and growls bubble and tug at you because you want to share more experiences but the other person is just not aware, not hearing, not participating.

Feed the hunger so that the relationship grows. Leaving the hunger go makes people do mad things that adversely affects growth.

They say chocolate can be quite tasty when an excited tongue flickers and savors the melting sweetness 😉

Until the next session of love fueled writing, keep your hunger in check and talk to each other. You just might get that morsel of food you’ve been waiting for.

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