For the love of love

Many thanks to those who get this. Loving love is awesome. It is that place where everything is just wonderful and beautiful

Birds chirp in the dead of cold nights and you feel all warm and cozy standing in snow. That place where you stay up late waiting for a text knowing full well that you’ll call out sick I the next day because you’re so tired.

Being in love is just wonderful. Wait.. The concept of being in love is so wonderful.

That feeling of being in love where everything just glitters and the lover can do no wrong.. That honeymoon like place that’s like a trance.. Oh it is so very sweet.

The problem with the love of love is that it’s not realistic. It fades. And when it fades it leaves you with an ugly choice. Do you stick with that person or do you move on to the next hoping to recreate that feeling.

Many relationships don’t make it because they don’t nourish love. They nourish the feeling of love. They love love. And it holds the lover responsible for making them feel great.

Sure, it is not fair. Sure it is not unavoidable. Everyone must play the fool sometimes, as the song says.

Working on love is not a bad idea, even if it starts from the premise of the love of love. Many times, one can cultivate romance and build up that feeling over time. It won’t be daily of course, but it is still there. That’s why the wise keep advising the young to keep dating inside of their relationships.

For the love of love is a powerful and beautiful thing when used correctly

Many flaws of a partner gets forgiven for the love of love. Many times a an annoyance gets handled nicely for the love of love. Certain fights get put off for a never day because of the love of love

It’s a two way street in many instances. The love of love can make you lazy or can inspire you to do amazing gifts to hold on to love.

Philosophically, the love of love is not a bad thing. Th indulgence and choice of love as a lifestyle can be disastrous. However, the nurturing of the love you have to keep it loving is a beautiful thing

For the love of love, keep your love beautiful and fresh. Sincerely say to your lover that you love them, mean it, act on it, and be about it. That way, the odds of you having to chase the feeling of love again with someone else is a bit slimmer, for the love of love.

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