Partnership – I win because you win

The upside of partnership

We all heard about accountability, responsibility, support, and motivation. These are all important traits to have in a relationship. Success thrives on these pillars… and a few others too.

When working towards a common goal, any cheer-leading will help keep the motivation up for the achievement of that goal. People who celebrate together the success of milestones on a journey will tend to feel better about the people they celebrated with compared to those who were never a part of the celebration on the journey. Meaning, when you celebrate with your lover, you feel better about your lover and are more willing to try to succeed with your lover.

Another bonus of having relationship goals, it not only brings you closer, but you’ve got help to win at your own goals. It is no longer just my goals and your goals… instead it is our goals. We both bring fresh perspectives. We both do research. We both see things differently. We both cover more bases together.

This comes in very handy when health is concerned. If this week the wife has the flu, not only can the husband help out, but he can also help move her part of the goals forward. The following week, when he gets the flu she had, she does the same for him. When they’re both well, the goals are still being reached. They won as a team. Without that team spirit, that would have been at least one week of no progress towards that goal.

note. Some goals are physical in nature and this example won’t work. Like, you can’t go to the gym for your partner

This example of team work is excellent in the perspective of thought goals. What? Paying your bills. Team work will cover the bills of the family. That of course assumes the couple is on the same page about finances… a topic for another post.

There will come a time to enlist the support of others to make a goal a reality. That is when and where being on the same page is critical. One can not expect great results in building an addition to the house when husband and wife don’t agree on what to do. One day the contractor hears one thing from the husband the other day something else from the wife.

Never put your relationship in a situation where a third party has to decide for you how to make your goals a reality. Get that together first before you talk to a third party. That means figuring out what you want to do and how before starting. That doesn’t mean there won’t be changes along the way, it just means that the negotiation process happens in private.

Once the two are on the same page, then, one can speak for the other and keep the goals moving forward.

quick note… this whole topic is talking about high level serious relationship joint efforts. However, this doesn’t mean that a boyfriend and girlfriend can’t have joint goals and can’t have joint efforts to do things as a couple. In fact, that is very important to figure out well before one gets married.

As this second ever Motivational Monday post for couples starts to wrap up… let’s keep in mind a few things

What works at work won’t always work at home. One can’t act like the boss/manager at home and expect the same results at home that they have at work. Not saying this will always fail, but most people do not like their bosses. Why bring that attitude to your relationship to begin with.

A relationship is not a job. Don’t treat it like so. A partnership requires a different set of skills than a boss employee relationship. While the partnership word implies a type of business relationship, love is not transactional. Love is nurtured and grown.

Your relationship will win when both parties make a full effort to ensure each other wins. Support. Cheer. Help. Do with. Engage with. Promote with. And live with each other.

Your relationship will be of your own unique design. These ideas are just for consideration in the discussion of what will work for you and your partner.

What is one thing you’ll do to help your relationship flourish this week? Once you figured what that one thing is, break it down into parts. Why? Because there are seven days to a week. One massive goal may be daunting but seven smaller doable goals is much easier to manage. Work as a team to manage the goals daily. By the end of the week, you’ll get so much closer to it… if you’ve not actually reached it.

Your tango of a partnership will win because you took the time to ensure your partner won. The dance only works if both partners make sure they are in sync with the other. By making sure the other can do the tango very well, both will tango very well. Keep in mind, the dance is not at the pace of the stronger dancer, it’s at the pace that works for both dancers. That’s winning the tango!

Have a fantastic and fabulous week building a stronger relationship. Don’t be surprised if your winning at love will spark interest from others. Then, you can share what works and inspire someone else to get their relationship winning.

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