Explaining a change in pace

Keeping up with writing has become  a little challenging. Life is constantly evolving and getting busier.

Besides the usual work concerns and raising a family, I’ve taken on the challenge of writing  a book based on a well liked series of blog posts I produced earlier this year.

The topic is on romance… which would work great for this blog. However… the initial idea was more hardcore than this blog is designed for.

Well, turns out I love writing. I really do enjoy crafting scenes with words. Almost a compulsion of sorts. I can’t stop… it seems.

Sadly, I have to slow down. Not halt or stop, but change how I approach writing. The book is taking a ton out of me. I love it. It’s a bunch of fun. But, I am not able to juggle writing two to three posts a week for several blogs… and work on a book.

Most of my writing is done during my lunch breaks. Most of my blog posts are about 1.5k words on average. Of late, I’ve been moving closer to 2k words per post. One of the blogs I write for… I’m north of 3k words per post (the last few touching 7k)

When trying to do an 80k word book, the skills is different, the approach is very different, and you’ve got to write way more than the final draft so you have enough to cut and craft with.

What does this mean for here? I have to be careful not to burn out and stop writing entirely. It’s been a while since I’ve shared consistently. Didn’t want fans and readers thinking I had dropped the blog. I haven’t. Plus, I do want to return to some of the stories you all have enjoyed so much.

In order to do this… I have to slow down my production rate for each blog so there is room in a week to work on the book. My growing family needs my attention as well… so I don’t write at home anymore. Homework, play, and storytelling is more important than typing away while they children ask for attention. It is their time.

Yeah, I knew taking on four blogs was a lot of work. I had no idea just how much it was. However… I’m not stopping. Just changing pace. That way… nearly every week… something will be shared… with the occasional skipped week.

When things slow down later… like the children are more independent… work slows a little… the book is done… I can resume my two to three post a week goal.

To all who click like and comment.. thank you so much!! To all who prefer to reach out to me on social media.. you’re awesome!!!

Until next time, enjoy exploring the site. Thinking the site is due for a bit of upgrades later this year….thinking out loud….

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