Time Shifts

Time Shift

Times have shifted

Moments to just spontaneously do heel pix… (or any other style for that matter)… relegated to rare moments of carefully planned shoots.

Even writing had to take a back seat. It’s hard balancing it all.. Even when you see examples of supermoms making it look easy. Time just wants to run away on you. The mood to deck and dress feels out of step with baby care.

Even when temptation is laid out… easily overlooked… reality ticks and tocks… independent of plans.

Some day you say
Why not today you can counter say

Instead. I’ll say. Have a great weekend (or rest of day)

Articles from wifey closet (wedges and watch)

mild editorial changes for blogging purposes… taken from social media


The above text was from the caption below the image shared on social… that inspired these words.


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