Launched Social Shorts

Musings will strike at any number of moments in time. Thanks to social media, we’re able to grab these thoughts in a short post… technically called a micro-blog.

These short post are often better known as status updates or tweets or snap or other name. While some prefer for their posts to vanish after being consumed, which is a valuable thing, other posts are worth remembering.

Not all creative efforts need to be forgotten by auto-deletion or when a site goes down. Sometimes a forgotten password or a break from social means these musings get left behind forever. Not taking for granted that some posts should just slip out of mind for ever… we all know the posts we wished the internet would forget.

Launched Social Shorts

As a creative person who has written many lines of musings, it’s good to look back and see the growth I’ve done. But, that’s me.

For my readers of the blog, there are some micro-blogged thoughts that should have been shared but were not shared… because of laziness really. Copying and pasting after the fact… is not fun. The mood is gone. But the musing is good. Or so I think.

A copied link is not a bad idea really, but then, what if the link breaks? That’s not good for ranking. So. For the sake of love and creativity, taking my passion for writing another level.

How about creating content that will live both on the blog and on social. I’m not talking about the teaser posts I create after the fact to share on social. I mean… intentionally creating short posts for both places.

I like it. Hope you do as well.

This adds more work to my writing flow, of course, but means I can think deeper into creating more story ideas to share. It’s a weird form of freedom, really. I can now dive into subjects any number of ways. The person who benefits the most is the reader of the blog. They get to see it all. And that is the point.

Micro blogging is coming to this blog… to fill in the gaps of thoughts when writing a long post is not easy… or when the need to supplement a long post is necessary. Yeah, that has happened a few times.

Links will be provided to all the other micro-blog for those who want to binge on them (in the future that is). There will be a page made available for readers to bookmark if they want, so that they can catch up on all the micro-blogs.

While I’m nervous about this new addition to the site… and have not yet updated all the behind the scenes necessary… there are a lot of poetic ideas that were inspired by photos that have not made it onto the blog. I’m sure there will be many more to come.

Please, do let me know what you think in the comments about this initiative. Let me know how to improve on it as well. I’m excited. It’s a new layer of love… another perspective to the topic… as I continue to explore the love of writing on love.

below… the pages that will hold the collections… with more to come

Social Shorts

The option of which collection of short posts to follow is yours. On one page is the copy and pasting of what originated on social media… and now resides on the blog. The other is the musings that were designed to live on both platforms at the same time. The loyal readers will get to read it all… but choice makes for a great perspective.

The Social Shorts

Social Shorts

The home of photo inspired musings… where a story or thought is shared across the blog and social media

A bookmarkable place to catch up on all the romantic word art

Collected Social Shorts

Collecting Social Shorts

Several social media posts are good micro-blog posts. However, they’ve not yet been collected on the blog until today.

The collection of the few posts that may well be worth keeping.

Social Shorts

The home of photo inspired musings… where a story or thought is shared across the blog and social media

A bookmarkable place to catch up on all the romantic word art


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