Are high heels disrupting your brand?

Post from Social Media

Below will be a collection of posts that shaped the creation of this post and others like it to come. If you’re on social media and benefited, do click like on their image to show some love and support. At the end… a post or two from my images to round things off.

On Fire Fit

The first post is from the account… OnFireFit

Helping people get fit physically and spiritually is one of the things that makes her on fire. She’s got a YouTube channel as well as an Instagram.

A key point. Her message is not for everyone. Nor should a person’s message be for everyone. If you try to speak to everyone, you speak to no one. (A marketing expression). A universal message needs voices that can speak to individuals so they can come on board and benefit. It’s one thing to say “get fit”. It’s another to show people how they can tailor the message to their situations so that they do get fit.

Without further commentary…

Fashion Pastry

This woman loves to travel the world and take amazing photos of her journeys. Plus, she loves fashion… and pastries. A hard working woman who is not satisfied with the “settled life” she’s combining her interests well and creating an inspired life. Her tribe supports her and motivates her. People have grown and found their own voices from following her. I’ve been positively influenced by her authenticity and honesty. We need to have such positive people helping us along our journey.

Her spiritual growth is well documented on her blog. Fears and insecurities can be conquered. It is work. It requires faith. With enough tenacity and willingness to get up time and time again, one will eventually find their way. It’s the kind of work that you can’t do by yourself but you must do alone. (yeah.. We have to make the choice then get the right support… that is what the phrase means).

Without further introduction… Teekay from Fashion Pastry

From Instagram

Every now and again, I’ll create an image that will inspire some words to flow. Part of the creative fun that I enjoy.

The transferable skill of composing a photo seems to apply to writing a story. Albeit different tools and tactics apply… but I digress. Enjoy below

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Continuing our little #photoinspiredwords with this @gianvitorossi heels of my coworker. Women love to express part of their fashion sense by the shoes they wear. I heard someone say that most people look at someone's shoes first to make part of their first impression Hence the expression….put your best foot forward….or at least that's one way to look at this. During a few chats with IG personalities like @onfirefit it was disheartening to hear how they're being told/advised by followers that they shouldn't show off their heels on IG. On grounds that it dilute their "spiritual" brand. (Deeply paraphrased) That is sad. In my opinion. As if…one can harm their positive messages by modeling good fashion Within a chat with @fashionpastry it has become increasingly more clear the need to build each other up within our respective tribes. Too many people taking jabs at others online (and in real life) instead of fostering meaningful relationships Many influential voices are calling for better relating skills between people. We are all humans running our races. If heels bring a smile to your face or brand….why not wear a great pair. The word #authenticity comes to mind Later this week…will drop a blog post expanding on this topic. Notification coming too. The operational word being #moderation In that post…I will humorously (hopefully) call these negative sayers "holy-police". This is NOT a paid post. There is NO connection between me and the brand. The views presented aren't affiliated with theirs. These heels are from my coworker (mentioned in my last post) (GDPR compliant?? Lol) I am the photographer using an older HTC phone in this instance Have a great rest of week

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4 thoughts on “Are high heels disrupting your brand?

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    1. Thank you very much

      So glad you’ve sparked this piece

      I would not have given it should thought to write had you not shared your post.

      Even though the topic has been on my mind a while.

      Stay blessed


  1. Love love love this writing. I can’t tell you enough what an incredible writer you are and how intune and fully aware you are with the world. Appreciate that something I may have said sparked inspiration for this fantastic piece! xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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