Happy Second Anniversary

Happy Second Anniversary

Two years of blogging on the topic of love. Incredible! I’ve tempted to write a book, I’ve worked on serial sharing, I’ve worked on adding new content in different styles.

August 25 – the day it all began in 2016

What was initially a short run of experiments has turned into a fun project. I’ve discovered a lot about my creative drive. My first blog was revived thanks to the success of this blog. So much so that I feel I’m neglecting my first one. This blog also gave birth to another one that explores this topic of love a bit more. However, that blog touches areas that may not suit this one… but enough of that.

I’m just stoked that I’m here this long. In 2017… I wrote 39 posts for a total of a tick over 87k words. I’ve added a portfolio area that still needs a bit more attention and care from me.

This post is written a bit before the second anniversary of the blog

I’m now embracing my writing skills and enjoying the notion of calling myself a writer and author. I can’t begin to express how much fun I’m having sharing the ideas that I have.

I’m actually dreaming bigger for my creativity. Something I had not thought I’d do this far along in my life. No, I’m not old. I’m just a lot busier with family, career, and the usual offline life that most of us enjoy.

2018 is filled with a lot of challenges. I’m writing more than ever but also stretched more than ever. I’ve got a book in the works, several blogs up and running, a growing family, and working on applying what I write into my own romance. I do want to keep my lady around for the distance.

Without the encouragements of friends (both online and offline) and the support of my wife, this blog would have faded by the wayside. I really enjoy this project. I’m so glad I didn’t stop it on schedule. I’ve no plans to end it any time soon. I’m just not able to devote the same amount of time like before… fatherhood being so important to me.

Cheers to year 3!

p.s. at the time of writing this post… I’m making time for my youngest child… I’m a new dad again. I won’t be hitting any writing records this year… and I’m OK with that. There is always next year or the year after that.


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