On This Day

romance is most beautiful when it’s celebrated from a platform of trust and honesty

On This Day

On this day, in front of many guests, family, friends… I vow to love you faithfully.

On this day, with all these witnesses, I make the pledge to love you as you are and support you as you are.

We’ve worked very hard to perfect the necessary skills to love one another. To cherish one another. To uphold one another. To understand one another. And most importantly, trust one another.

The day may be glorious, the day may be glamorous, but that’s all for show, as some expect a big show. However, this does not cover the fact that deep inside, there is a connection that is eternal.

We move from singular existence to joint sharing of paradise and happiness. For better and for worse, we are in this together until death does part us against our will.

On this day, we combine forces and emerge a super power united against all odds. In unity there is power and none greater than ours when we pledge ourselves to each other.

On this day, when others wish they were us, we lean on the wisdom of those that have come before us. On their shoulders we build our empire. Setting the stage for our children to rise even higher.

We aren’t any more lucky than the next. We aren’t more fortunate than the next. Just acknowledging the blessings that make us feel like we’re one of a kind and different from the rest.

The shadows of doubt may attempt to lick our castle, but so long as we shine our love brightly through good communication channels, we will stand the test of time and ignite the fire of love in others.

We will forever move as a team, even when it may feel like the road is hard. In the end, it’s up to us to pave our path as smoothly as possible.

On this day, I let the public know my private choice to have you as my one and only.

On this day, with all these witness giving testimony that we belong together, we are officially eternally together

On this beautiful day to shine into everlasting I declare my love for you.

here is a link to the blog post that accompanies this piece of poetry… here (Before Our Very Guests…)… for your reading pleasure

photos by the blogger… all rights reserved.

Editorial Note: This post was originally shared on the portfolio section of the site on March 15, 2018. It was moved to the blog as part of a site audit.

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