Love’s Storyboard


Every story has an outline. Every story has a plan. And nearly ever story has a version of table of contents.

Well, this site has many stories and there are bits and pieces to each of them. For now, it’s good to have a table of content for the major stories. Later, we can get cute and fancy and throw in a few behind the scenes post about what motivated the story.

For now, here is a list of all the various major stories taking place on the blog. The links takes you to their table of contents for you to enjoy and binge at your leisure. We will eventually figure out something for the shorter stories as well.

Table of Content

The way stories get laid out before becoming a finished work. That’s how a storyboard was explained to this author. As an author, the medium of sharing a story may change, but the story has to be good. This blog is one such medium. One day, these stories may live on another medium, such as a book. Until such a time, let’s just collected our various stories into one easy to find location.

Here! As in… the links below

Behind the Scenes

At some point, just for the sake of information storage, a little peek behind the scenes will be shared on the blog. The inspirations, musings, thoughts, reflections, and tidbits behind stories need to be captured into one location.

These thoughts will be infrequent, but still, important-ish. So, yeah, they’ll eventually get their own dedicated page for sake keeping.


Some people have taken the time to chat via social and encourage this journey. Others, have done so in person. Those folks, brave hearts, approached me and shared when they didn’t have to. However, those comments, ideas, and encouragement gave me the strength to dig deeper into my creative bag to come up with these stories. Thank you so much. You know who you care (contributors alike). In some of the stories, I’ll give more specific credit.


Without repeating the lovely introduction again, let’s just list out the various stories. Just click on the link and it will take you to a page with the entire list of chapters for your reading pleasure. Thank you for taking the time to browse and enjoy the content.

For those who take the extra time to share, you’re like saints of love. And those who click like, well… very angelic!! You make this place thrive in the inter-webs. Thank you very much.

Story Board – Table of Content – Behind the Scenes

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