Relationship Monday 2019

A new chapter in the musings about relationships takes shame on Monday. The project is proving helpful to some and beneficial to this writer’s effort to blog consistently.

Relationship Monday

Working on career and family goals is sweet. Working on improving oneself is highly recommended. Less popular, the recommendation to sit and work on your relationship… as a team.

We often scoff at the idea of sitting down to talk about the mechanics of love and how it can improve. It’s supposed to just flow naturally and freely. If it doesn’t, then something is wrong with the other person, not us.

Well, love comes in all kinds of flavors. It’s important to work on each of the flavorings and nourish each for what they are. This means… loving yourself, loving the journey of becoming your better self, and the same goes for your relationships.

A little inspirational push

This blog hopes to share various perspectives of love and also inspire some to brighten the candle of love they hold. With each passing year, this blog aims to get better at what it delivers. Of course, wishing you the same so you can do better each year in all the various love connections you have.

By love connections, we’re talking family bonds, friendship bonds, romantic bonds, as well as the bond one has with oneself.

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below will be a few different ways to access the posts of this year and the post of prior year(s)

Short Listing of 2019

As an experiment, for ease of reading, a compact table of content. Feel free to let me know which you prefer to see… either in the comments or on social media. Thank you for the feedback.

  1. Syncing up relationship goals
  2. Finding common ground instead of compromising in love
  3. A little romantic planning is still romantic
  4. Now that the season of resolutions is done…
  5. The Team of Support we often take for granted
  6. Women’s Heritage Month

An expanded list of 2019 – with descriptions

  1. Syncing up relationship goals - Many have personal goals for the year. But few have relationship goals for the year. Like... in working together towards one goal. A look at teamwork to make the dream work by syncing up New Year Resolutions. Kicking off the new year! Best Wishes
  2. Finding common ground instead of compromising in love - We're taught to chase the best in everything except romance. We have to compromise there... and settle some. No longer. Find the common ground and build up from there. We deserve the best and can build to have it. Better perspective on love for the year
  3. A little romantic planning is still romantic - Being spontaneous doesn't mean being without a plan. Look ahead.. and figure what you can do to enhance your romance Plan ahead. But listen as well to know what to plan
  4. Now that the season of resolutions is done… - Many have stopped working on their resolutions. Many are accepting defeat. But not us. Now you. We're going strong. Sharing a few goals, dreams, and projects currently going strong.
  5. The Team of Support we often take for granted - Some of us take for granted the support of friends and family. However, without their support, life often is a bit more bleak. Let’s just share a bit of gratitude for the team that supports us. Happy Monday
  6. Women’s Heritage Month - Using some blogging logic.... men add... women multiply Therefore, it's in the world's best interest that women shine and have equitable access to opportunities. The world is better when women are better. Thank you ladies for all that you do... and cheers to a better fairer futur

Relationship Monday Projects

For more projects, past, present, and future, do please stay tuned below.

Relationship Monday – up to 2018

The collection of all the Motivational Monday posts focused on Relationships up to the year 2018

Relationship Monday 2019

Kicking off the year early with the table of contents for all future Relationship Monday posts. Setting the goals high and aiming to win


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