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  • Don’t Be Intimidated - Just because a woman is strong doesn't make a man weak. There is plenty of room for us all. The world is better off when women are given room to be their best. Leave your fragile ego aside. Encourage women's equality and opportunity Everyone wins when women win
  • Women’s Heritage Month - Using some blogging logic.... men add... women multiply Therefore, it's in the world's best interest that women shine and have equitable access to opportunities. The world is better when women are better. Thank you ladies for all that you do... and cheers to a better fairer futur
  • The Team of Support we often take for granted - Some of us take for granted the support of friends and family. However, without their support, life often is a bit more bleak. Let’s just share a bit of gratitude for the team that supports us. Happy Monday

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Love’s Storyboard

The place where the Table of Content and Storyboard lives for the major stories on this site.

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Relationship Monday 2019

Kicking off the year early with the table of contents for all future Relationship Monday posts. Setting the goals high and aiming to win

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