Steve shifts a gear

The other day, weather had punished Steve. Just when the project car was coming along just nicely, the motor opted to stall out at the entrance of a school just as the skies opened up and unleashed a furious pounding of rain. Steve was not easily flustered. Working hard and diligently, he did all he could to start the car. The school was about to let out, and blocking the entrance wouldn’t be good for his ego, the soccer moms, and school bus drivers.

By the time the car had sputtered to life and moved a foot or two, it died. Now, out of the way, but also in the dip of the road, he resumed working on the motor. As the rain battered and pounded and threw it’s best at him, he ignored the rising waterline and worked furiously. A lady pulled up and rolled down her window a crack and asked how he was doing. Steve couldn’t really explain, as he was already late for his afternoon plans and evening. By the time he’d managed to get going, if he did, his date would have asked him to forget her number.

The lady in the car, small commuter car, was really cute. The kind of cute that just immediately made soldiers line up to march in his pants. He was glad that it was raining so hard she couldn’t see his pleasure at seeing her. She sounded so good too. He had to decline her assistance, as she was probably in a hurry to head home after teaching all day and lay in the arms of her man. He tried to really convince her that he was ok. Then, a school bus honked, and the really cute lady with the sexiest voice had to go away.

As the hours piled on and the water rose, Steve was starting to think that his car would be flooded over in this low point of the street. And the current was getting stronger by the hour. Eventually, he’d have to give up hope of getting the car started. The worst part, the offending part that prevented the car from starting was now submerged. It was normally a 15 minute repair, had he had known that earlier. But, now, he’d just have to resort to walking home. He could see that his phone had gotten many calls, through the windshield, as itย  rested on the dash. That date must have left him some messages and his chances were gone.

Giving up, he took the chance to check his phone in a moment of lesser downpour. Indeed, the text messages were initially of concern turned hatred for him not showing up. Granted, he was only 20 minutes late, if he could miraculously teleport over to her now. The last text had told him where in hell to go…and to never contact her again. These high maintenance gals were too much.

Back under the hood, Steve wrapped up all he could. The last part was way too low underwater. The current was strong enough that had his car been small, it would start to get pushed about. Grateful that he could swim, Steve’s attention rose to sharp focus. There was a sound behind him. Turning, he saw that cute lady wading out to him. He recognized her. She had been one of the assistant coaches to the girl’s volleyball team. Oh had he had the hugest crush on her. She was totally out of his league

She was the kind of vixen who no matter how hard she tried not to be sexy, just couldn’t help but be. Guys of all ages flocked, fawned, grouped, gathered, trailed, and adored her. She seemed blind to them all. No matter the occasion, she always had the best nylon ever. Most times, she was in heels. And her tops.. man, were they works of art. Always cute or sexy, never showing too much, but giving her ample bust room to move and be sexy as all can be. Her hair.. he had to stop thinking about her that way.. she was walking in the rain holding the smallest umbrella.. wading towards him.

Freeing his frozen body from it’s trance.. he tried to rush to her.

Why? How? But? Wait? How come you’re out here.

She smiled at him. Then he saw it. She was towing a tow line behind her. As that sunk in, she appeared to stumble with the current, he rushed in and caught her. She giggled and said it was high time he showed her his gentleman skills. The earth shifted, moved, or whatever it is that it does, but he felt the rain stop. This girl was the one!

Once he was sure she wasn’t going to get carried away by the current, he took the rope and carried it to his car. As much as he hated to admit this, but life was finally changing it’s string of bad luck. He wasn’t even thinking about having a shot at his lady, just that hug from helping her not fall was all that he needed to make things right in his world. At least now, they had a common moment he could eventually make into a casual friendship.

Once the rope was secured, he peered into the rain to see where it hooked up to. The amount of resistance the rope gave him suggested it was a very long rope and the current was working hard against him. But too heavy a downpour to see. And to make matters worse, sheย  was gone too. Had the water swept her? His nerves rattled and came apart. He frantically started searching the water.. falling a few times into the deepness of it.. searching.. could he be responsible for her.. he couldn’t think it. he was making his way to the car to call for help, the rope seemed to come alive and taunt. Laughing at himself, he realized she had gone back to whatever vehicle she had commandeered.. and the towing began. The rope slacked, then snapped hard.. then slacked.. then snapped really hard and stayed taunt. The sound of a small motor revving hard reported that whoever was towing was in a small carย  and was gunning it in full earnest to free him. The sound of rubber being tortured spinning in water started to grow in intensity. Steve ran as fast as the deep water allowed back to his now deeply sunken car. Looking in, his heart dropped, the car had flooded over. Climbing in… he slipped the car into neutral.. and it began to follow the tow line.

Several blocks later, he was out of the deep flooded waters he was in. The amount of rain in that short a time was going to cost the town a fortune. The school wasn’t going to be open for a while. As he unhooked his car.. he looked down the street and marveled at how long the rope was. Actually, it was a combination of several ropes. This gal had thought of it all. She found many ropes, connected them, and then waded out that far to get him. And used her car at that. Her little tiny car!

As she pulled up, he asked her to stay put and dry off as he gathered the rope. Opening up the car doors of his to let the vast amount of water out, he gathered the rope to put away in her car. Several long whiles later, and massively fatigued arms, he had wound up the rope and placed it in the trunk. It nearly filled the majority of her trunk.

Moving up to her driver’s window to inquire about how she’d pulled this off and why did she bother, he lost his speech as he saw her legs resting by the mirror. Beautifully sculpted fit legs encased in the best shiniest black sheer nylon. He so fought the urge to touch. He blushed as he caught her looking at him.. With a smile at that. She then said.. one day, you’ll be able to touch… his knees nearly gave out…. but for now, I’m drying them out, if you don’t mind.

After much chat, it became clear to Steve that he wasn’t the only one wanting them to get better acquainted. And while she admitted that she rarely leaves her legs on display like this in front of faculty or students, she figured an exception could be made on the count of him always being very nice to her and it being after hours off site.

It was clear that his project car was toast and would need much work. To his amazed surprise, he discovered she loved working on cars too. So, jokingly, he said he’d let her help him if she agreed to wrench with nylon on. Not expecting anything back for speaking so boldly, he was surprised to hear her answer that she couldn’t think of a reason why she shouldn’t wear them while helping him out.

That teal skirt, amazing legs in black sheer nylon, propped up through the window was now going to be his most favorite view to ever hold in memory. That he was certain.. but then… who knows where this casual friendship would lead.. then.. her voice broke through his stream of reverie….don’t go trying that weak casual friendship with me like you do some of the other girls… I didn’t risk drowning just to be a casual call away.

Nuff said!

Featured photo of a dear friend who agreed to model for this story. Thank you so much for providing the visuals of this story


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  1. I absolutely love this piece! You are such a talented writer with a unique style that just draws your ready into the action. I just wanna live in these pages ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ˜˜


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