Linda’s Call

Jeff was having a very rough week. He knew that the deadlines would be met on time, but the powers that be were not comfortable or confident. So, they were making his life hell. Worse, he had not had the luxury of enjoying his bride. This madness had to stop!

On top of the looming deadline, his team was tired. Jeff had pushed them as hard as they could be pushed. Realistically, it was coming down to the last 14 hour day push. They were going to make it. However, his boss was cracking the whip for updates every hour every single day. It’s not like they hadn’t delivered before either.

This was taking a toll professionally and privately. No one on his team had gotten to be with their  loved ones. Jeff had to field calls of upset spouses and significant others wishing him harm for being so demanding on the team One even threatened to name him in a lawsuit if their marriage failed.

As Jeff looked at his watch, he tried to empathize best he could, but he couldn’t afford to slow down that much. In addition to leading his team, he was picking up the slack for the employees he had asked to get but hadn’t gotten. He was doing the work of three staff, two managers, as well as himself.

His thoughts were interrupted by a call on his private line. It was his wife Linda. She was too good  to him. She made sure his life was comfortable without wants. Yet, he was neglecting her and it was eating him up. As much as he wanted to hear her voice, he knew that having another item added to his todo list from her honeydo list would not help his stress and anxiety. He let the call go to voicemail. It was just too much.

The project was six months in the making. Jeff had front-loaded the work so that this very scenario would not happen. The whole team was to end things early and enjoy a week off before their next deadline. No, the bosses way above wanted to impress the client and had moved the deadlines two months early. That mean 14 hour days seven days a week for the past three weeks.

Unlike other teams who had no prayer of making the new deadline, Jeff was making sure this team under his watch would make it. The hard preparations and all had paid off. The toll of limited sleep was going to do his team in if the deadline was moved any closer.

His cellphone vibrated. He knew who it was. Only his wife would text him during crunch time. Whatever it was, it was clearly very important to her. He couldn’t ignore. He’d look at the text hoping for the best. Holding his breath, he pulled his phone out to see what she needed and prayed it was something he could do for her from the office. He hated himself for being in this position.

You Got This Baby!!

Jeff’s heart melted. His wife was sending him some good luck. Every time she wore her special gold chained animal print heels, his days always ended well. By well, it was like his good luck charm. He always closed a deal, always got the account, always came home early, and always got lucky at home too!

Zooming into the photo, he recognized the scenery. Linda, his lovely bride of so many years, was parked right out back of the office. His heart raced. His mind cleared itself. This grind was not going to go away but his wife was going to drive away without hearing from him.

Jeff jumped out of his seat and hastily ran out to meet his wife. And to his joy, she was sitting in his car waiting for him. As he approached, preparing his apologies, he was greeted by her warm words of encouragement and life giving electric smile. Oh he loved her all the more for being so exactly what he needed right then and there.

They sat and rushed through a mini lunch, ok, late enough to not be called lunch anymore. As he swallowed the delicious home cooked rice and beans with plantain, one of his all time favorites of hers, his eyes asked a few questions.

Linda looked lovingly back into his eyes. She caressed his highly tensed neck, slid her legs onto his lap, and just smiled. She didn’t have to say much. She had faith that her man would make his deadline and they would be off to a nice retreat somewhere. He was known for his great getaway trips to exotic quiet private romantic spaces. She already took the time off from work to enjoy that time away.

When Jeff returned to the office shortly thereafter, he was a new man. He had clarity of mission and purpose. No way was he going to let his team, his wife, his bosses down. They were going to nail the deadline and he was going to check out and hit a cabin somewhere to make it up to his wife. He was going to plan another honeymoon as a thank you for that gift of patience, love, and kindness he had in his lady.

Furthermore, he’d give the team the promised week off, even if it angered the powers that were. He’d deal with the later. For now, he was sure he’d wrap up the week. Checking his calendar, he smiled. Tomorrow would be Friday, the deadline day. His wife had made the perfect call. His golden omen was once again going to be right. Right on time.

Right every single beautiful time

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