Roll Call

With school back in session, it was only a matter of time before Sarah ran into Steve to ask him the all important question. However, Steve had plans of his own. Incognito. The man of steel wanted to pace himself first. Mackenzie saw an opportunity. There was a gap and she was going to blow it wide open and take her man of steel Would Sarah end up wanting? Will Steve answer the Roll Call?

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Time For Second Gear

Sarah had not seen much or heard much from Steve at all. In fact, Steve had all but vanished. Why? He had saved her life, he was the local hero. Was there something he was trying to hide? From his perspective, he was not a hero. He had done the love of his life wrong before he had a chance to let her know he had fallen for her. Time to shift gears...

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Sarah’s Wish

Sarah wanted to forget about Steve. She had done everything right to forget him too. She didn't wait by the phone, she didn't ask about him at work, nor checked him out on Google. Yet, she wished to be in his strong arms cuddled next to his muscular chest. Silliness, yet, oh so annoyingly real. Will Sarah get her wish? Read on to find out

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Donna Makes a Move

Every now and again, a bit of a challenge in the form of a jolt is needed to help love blossom. When a well heeled beautifully suited woman shows up at your door offering an opportunity of a lifetime, do you take it?

The Client

Steve gets a gift that will change his life. He's not yet aware of the gift, but the lady in the white Lexus is key to changing his world for better

The rain was beating on him. Steve needed to get his stalled car going. Then, a lady with the cutest smile stopped to offer help...

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