The Courtyard Incident

Taking a cue from her past efforts, Marcy set out to punish this suitor of hers, Mr. H, who dared assume he was her knight.

Watching her suitors a ways away
Watching her suitors a ways away

There is a story rarely told, but it needs to be explained. The fishnet loving lady was really one classy lady who wanted more than the conventional love arrangement. No, this was not to be your ordinary bland experience. She wanted to be cherished, loved, supported, understood, and most importantly, safe. She’d been in different relationships and had tasted many different versions of love. She wanted something deeply gratifying in a safe way.

Our story of Marcy doesn’t run a smooth time table. What makes Marcy wonderful, she loves to give to others to a fault. She sacrifices until there is nothing left to give, just to make sure that you’re doing awesome. Her worries about herself are secondary. This makes it that much more perplexing. At the time this author ran into Marcy, the understanding of how such a soul worked was beyond comprehension. Today, writing this, it’s very clear what was at stake.

Watching her suitors a ways away
Watching her suitors a ways away

Superficially, Marcy was the dominant player of any relationship she engaged in. She knew what she wanted and how to get it. Granted, being that she was a people pleaser, she rarely asked for her due. She hoped and prayed you’d see what needed to be given and just gave from the bottom of your heart. Whenever someone crossed her path who understood her and loved her as she was, that friendship turned out to last a long long time. So long in fact, this writing is the cumulative understanding of one small part of the complexities that makes this woman the amazing powerhouse she is.

Looking back, no one understood that Marcy was really the submissive type who wanted to be cherished. She wore her armor well and kept her pains well hidden. So much so that the man who would apply for the role of her shining knight missed many clues as to how to handle this beauty. Others skipped the application process and just went on trying to either dominate her or suck out of her as much benefits as possible before she kicked them to the curb. The one man who understood her needs, sadly, was already committed to another lady. Marcy was not into sharing herself with another woman’s king. That was totally out of the question. But, did he ever understand her needs and treated her like royalty. This further complicated the process of finding her own knight.

Shining her own armor in the sun
Shining her own armor in the sun

Mr. H was one of those gallivanting prince who felt that they had arrived with all rights and access to any social circle on the merits of their charm. Oh did he have much to learn, but before that learning could take place, he applied for the role of shining knight. At the time, we didn’t understand that knights always applied with their armor on.

Making sure nothing was scuffed during the shoot
Making sure nothing was scuffed during the shoot

The week before the application, Marcy found herself sitting on a rock gazing out aimlessly wondering how her life would turn out once she found her knight. The search was not an easy one. Being a lady, discretion was paramount. Being a lady of good court standing, doing so drama free meant keeping more of her wishes private as she looked and surveyed the land.

Shining her own armor in the sun
Shining her own armor in the sun

Marcy’s photographer snapped a few photos about her as she thought about how she’d want to be courted, treated, loved, caressed. She concluded that such things wouldn’t happen to her. That was for less modern and less aggressive women who loved to have strong men dictate the details of their lives. She needed a man who was OK with her being the boss… even though the happiest times of her life, the man in her life was in charge and she blossomed under his tutelage. He fed her soul and nourished her dreams without crushing her independence.

Mr. H, it turns out, was enamored with her curves. He fancied a life in which he had total access to her beauty and spirit without consequences. He wanted the keys to a kingdom that he didn’t have to build from the ground up. Being he was confident that he was a great caretaker of kingdoms, he wanted to skip the investment process and have the cake. Thankfully for him, he was gallant enough to know that he had to put in work and chase the lady. And chase he did.

Upon submitting his application, Mr. H assumed that the friendship had automatically switched over to a relationship on his terms. So he pursued with confidence as Marcy watched in amusement the folly of his ways. The calls were hysterical. The emails laughable. To her, this was a series of jokes that had no punchlines. To Marcy, this was a star gazing fool who thought his charm worked on her. Mr. H was convinced he had sealed his deal and was going to move forward into the sunset with his prize.

A certain day did come when friends had to bring to the surface the obvious. The man clearly wanted the lady. His maneuvers were a bit amateurish and her act of disinterest was getting a bit stale. Would they or would they not get together already. He always managed to be around when conversations got good. He always had an input about her outfit whenever picture time came to be. On the surface, it’s like he was trying to protect her from her goodness when in fact he was trying to ensure no one got to sample what he was claiming to be his, albeit very private claims.

Lady in fishnets consulting a friend
Lady in fishnets consulting a friend

Marcy denied all allegations that there was a spark between her and Mr. H. It was preposterous. Unimaginable. Not destined to happen. In fact, to prove everyone wrong, she was going to cause this man pain and end the conversation once and for all. She waited until he made a move to whisk her aside for a private chat. Knowing full well that he thought this was a private chat in a public setting to advance his claims on his dame, she used the opportunity to set the record straight that they had never progressed to anything more than causal acquaintances. The result she had wanted never came. The man took this as a challenge to assert his love for her. He denounced her denial and asked to have a moment of proof to show her his dedication.

Marcy thought for a moment. Why not just cause some physical pain too. If his heart was too cold and conceited to realize a rejection, she’d take advantage of her curves and hurt him. It had worked successfully with other guys. Why not with this one. So, with her best effort, she punched him in a manner she felt would ensure maximum pain. To her great surprise, he laughed and let know through his eyes that he was turned on by the physical nature of this new chapter of their relationship.

Oh never!

This madness had to stop. Mr. H ran off to tell his buddies of how amazing life had just become. Marcy flew in hot pursuit to stop him. We saw her flying behind him in great haste as he zigged and zagged about the public square laughing and enjoying the pursuit. Being limited by her heels, Marcy understood that she was at a loss. He had gained an upper hand and the public now began to see what she had tried to hide for so long. There was a relationship of some kind between them, even if it was silly looking and childish sounding.

Pulling herself together, standing tall, straightening her hair, Marcy resolved her face and controlled her breathing. This man would not get under her skin any more. She rushed off to a more private part of the square and signaled to her other suitor to give her audience. She needed to recover quickly and show that her chase was not of want, but of chastisement.

Before long, everyone had forgotten about the scene in the square. Marcy was doing her chatting with a known suitor who had no prayer of a chance with her. Mr. H on the other hand was plotting another round of fun. He was excited by what had happened. He had found his princess, one who would give him chase and play naughty with him. This couldn’t be passed up. So, when the time appeared right, Mr. H pulled up a chair close behind Marcy and waited. We saw but paid him no mind. After all, given how hard he had run earlier, it was only fair that he needed to sit and cool his paws. The gators he was wearing must have cramped his comfort in the run.

Unexpectedly, Mr. H pulled a feather out of his coat and reached forward to tickle the back of Marcy’s knee. The author of this piece watched in total disbelief. He was tickling her through her fishnet stockings. The effect was instantaneous. She jumped and yelped and turned around in full blush while holding her hand across her ample bosom. Oh this guy was too much. But restraint got the better of her. She didn’t utter a word. Turned, resumed her chat as if nothing was the matter. The other suitor understood what took place. His time was over. Marcy struggled to make the conversation continue as the young man tried in vein to end the conversation.

A second round of tickling took place. This time, Marcy had enough. Steadying her nerves, she held the laughter impulse in check, clenched her fists, and tried to ride out the tickling. The other suitor took this opportunity to run off, as he did not want to challenge Mr. H who had a reputation of getting what he wanted. Sensing that his efforts was not working, Mr. H leaned back in his chair and whispered something. The instant reddening of Marcy’s face left us guessing many things. We later would find out he had whispered something rather naughty that only deeply entrenched lovers would say to each other.

That was it, time to teach this man a lesson. Without warning, Marcy launched the fullness of herself backwards towards him. In mid launch, she pulled her knees up towards her chest so that gravity plus her weight would bring her down fully onto the unsuspecting Mr. H. This would cause him great pain and teach him a lesson. The resulting collision sent shivers down many spines as part of the chair support broke under the sudden shift of weight.

Mr. H quickly wrapped his hands around his princess. Smiles was not even the half of it. The silly grin of victory smeared and plastered across his face hid the fact that his brow was sweating. The author noted with interest that the silliness of Mr. H’s smile denoted that pleasure instead of pain had registered deep inside this man.

Not getting the groan of pain and plea of release she had expected, Marcy naively ground her ample tush as hard as she could into Mr. H. To her shock and disbelief, the sensation she registered alerted her to something she had not factored in her hastily put plan of punishment. The man below her was standing at attention and his hands was pulling her towards him with great hunger. He was demanding more of her. Now it was her time to be baffled, startled, and jump with a start. Her crimson red face needed to hide. She took off towards the closest exit of the square and found hiding in one of the nearby shops. She couldn’t show herself in public ever again. Mr. H took off himself too, as the lavatory was most urgently needed to resolve the situation that was beginning to erupt.

On that day, the whole town quickly found out through the usual gossip channels that a new relationship had surfaced. Marcy was not going to be single much longer. She was young, bright, full of potential and promise. She had found her suitor early. Now, to help him understand the need to get and upkeep his armor. But that is the story for another time.

In between that lovely unorthodox moment in the square and present day, many things have happened. Many things unfolded. It is too much to unravel in one sitting. When we discuss these two next, only time will tell, there is much to talk about in terms of how their love blossomed and how fishnets became an interesting symbol of their romance.

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