Just Ask Already! Prelude


Working with people is a tricky business. One can only know in their heads what they think their connections are with people. Spending too much time inside one’s head can have good and bad consequences.

The Good: A strong awareness of one’s self is good. To know one’s self is to have access to one’s fullest potential and also mastery of that said self.

The Bad: Not having time to connect with people to gain more bits of evidence of connection can lead to some faulty conclusions about what others really are like.

One really has to put effort to get to know someone else. Thanks to this rat race of life, one doesn’t have the time to really connect. And when work seems so much easier to sort out and figure out, time is placed there that would otherwise be spent connecting.

What all this really means is that sometimes, just sometimes, one spends too much time lost in thought without some much needed reality testing. A very dangerous adventure this beautiful mind can be.


Several people have taken the time to offer some wonderful thoughts about what they think of the writing done on this site as well as behind the scenes learning the art of writing.

On Instagram, they will all get tagged and given full credit for their influence. The others who helped in person, will get their in person shout out too. This story is done for them. Doing a special holiday gift as a thank you. This is not the generous type of gift. No, sadly, it’s not.

It’s the gift that takes away something.


The endeavor is to say thanks by writing a longer story and sharing it nearly all at once. Over the next few days, parts of the story will be shared. That’s the trade-off with this gift. To appreciate it, you’ve got to give of your time.

It is the hope that as one reads the unfolding of the story, they will enjoy. Breaking up the story into parts may be the only way to make it easier to digest, so that the gift part of the gift is not lost in the time spent reading this holiday special.

As everyone else reads this set of posts, it is the hope that the story captivates and proves very enjoyable. Being that your time is being spent, it’s may be wise not to combine the series into a paid e-book. Should you be so moved to show your appreciation, a Like would be very appreciated as well as sharing with anyone else who might enjoy.

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