Pre-Holidays Jitter

Before the Happy Holidays Mantras

Some time ago, the whole of social media was ablaze with a phrase cuffing season. It was something that took a bit of time for the older folks to get a handle on. (no, this was not the first time this phenomenon took place and probably won’t be the last either)

Now, the tides of the seasons are changing. First, it was the getting ready for Turkey Day. Officially known as Thanksgiving Day in the US of A.

After that moment of gratitude comes the Festive Season. Also known as the Shopping Season but more commonly known as Christmas.

There is a little known fact about that holiday rush… one filled with Jitters. Yes. Jitters. Also known as cold feet.

Wait. What?

In an elevator ride, saw a bit of stat that pointed out a sad fact. The holiday season is known as breakup season.

Shut the front door!!!

Yes, yes. Breakup Season

This is the time of the year where many are re-evaluating who they’re with and deciding if they want to move their romance to the next level or not. It’s a huge step to have the parents meet that elusive dating partner you keep mentioning… yet nobody ever seen. If people have met them, you’re always referring to them as a special friend and you’re just chilling and seeing how things go.

Tis the season to shed off these meaningless flings before your folks fall in love with them and you’ve put out money for gifts, travel arrangements, hotel accommodations, and food over the holidays. Only to break up with them in the New Year. Can’t have the brand spanking new year start off with last year’s model of a fling.

not an accurate portrayal of facts… some artistic liberties to make the read more enticing

Really though… that bad?

The percentage given on that elevator screen seemed a bit high. So, no point in quoting it here. It’s really a sad thing that many people get cuffed only to get dropped when it’s time to step correct.

What is far worse however is the person who’s heart is getting led on and trampled for the sake of convenience. Just because a person doesn’t want to be alone doesn’t mean you’ve got to set up someone else to be hurt.

While that is not usually the case in the initial onset, sadly, it’s a painful reality come the holidays. Excuses come up. Planning conflicts arrive and families can’t met. All manners of reasons are given.

note: if you’re in a relationship that’s measured in less than six months, it is not realistic to expect nor demand meeting up with the family and asserting your role as the long term committed love interest that you’re not. A little more time doesn’t hurt your cause. There is always next season.

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