Just Ask Already! Mr. Braum

<The Prelude kicked this off. We saw His Side and Her Side >

Luck doesn’t always strike twice

The night of the party, Connor sat in the office for the first time in a long time. The weeks seemed like an eternity. Working remotely in his tiny apartment had helped clear his mind and get his assignments done. Management had denied his request for any transfer but allowed him all the tools needed to work from home.

As no one was in the office for the day, it was the right time to come in and clean out his desk. If a transfer wasn’t in the cards, maybe a change of company might solve that issue.

Connor looked up and allowed his heart to feel and register the pain it had sequestered for the last several weeks. The flowers were still spread about the office from the proposal. The memo was no longer attached though and there wasn’t a replacement confirming Betsy’s yes. But that didn’t matter, those sentimental notes would not have been left at work. Knowing Betsy, they were framed at home, Connor thought.

Connor pulled himself together and aggressively shoved his emotions into the vault he had created around the concrete bunker built over his heart. After cleaning up, he’d spend a bit of time wrapping the fortified hardened heart with Kevlar to ensure no one would penetrate and leave him wounded again.

Far as he could tell, Betsy was dancing the night away with the one she wanted. He was going to spend the night with himself, the only person who couldn’t let him down.

That’s when someone walked in.

At first, Connor didn’t worry about who it was. As far has he was concerned, it was the cleaning team. They never got the time to celebrate with the team.

Sad really. However, unlike years past, he was not in the mood to interact and be jovial. His mission was to pack and get out as quickly as possible. While that shouldn’t take very long, there were a few things he wanted to erase from the servers, and that would take much more time.

The person who walked in didn’t appear in any rush to identify themselves, confirming Connor’s assumption that it was the cleaning team. However, that idea was shattered when he felt a strong presence hovering by his desk.

Looking up, in a very rare appearance on the main working floor, Connor saw himself in front of one of the most powerful person of the company’s leadership. The stern look on the man’s face matched the look he had sported when delivering the difficult news of belt tightening during the financial crash of 2008.

This was not good. No. Not a good look at all to have.

There was no way this man had the tech savvy to know what Connor was up to. Whatever was on this man’s mind made Connor stop everything and tune in very intently to what would essentially be short and sweet but highly directed words.

The man waited.




Then just flat waited. The air got strangely cool and calm. There was a ton of power about him and a degree of confidence that couldn’t be measured. The man had and embodied power in it’s purest most refined form.

As the gravity of this presence sunk in on Connor, he wisely kept his mouth shut and ears open waiting.

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