Just Ask Already! Her Side

<The story began with a Prelude and move to His Side of things>

Her Side

Betsy was one of those shy quiet types who had learned to be social over the course of lots of work. She had blossomed late in the game of teenage life and was not very comfortable being the center of male’s gazes.

Betsy wanted to be noticed for her smarts, her humor, her ability to do anything a man could do, but with grace and elegance. As much as she tried not to draw attention, her mom had gifted her a body shaped like the ideal hour glass. Every guy she knew made a point of telling her how beautiful she was, no matter how unwarranted the praise was, or how unnecessary.

There were very few guys in her life for that very reason. One of the biggest perks of her job was working with Connor. He was a gentleman through and through. He never made a wrong move socially. Never was inappropriate. Never was crass. The man was an honorable man.

While Betsy sense the sexual tension rise between the two of them during the years, Connor never objectified her or made her feel as an object. He spoke to her mind while always looking her straight in the eye with that ever so charming smile.

The man owned his space. He was confident but not an ounce of cockiness. The man was humble and yet decisive. She though the world of Connor.

If there ever was a super sweet guy, it was Connor. The man she needed to bring home to her mom and insist she approved of him as her future husband.

Betsy had to bite her tongue a few too many times when she saw Connor at the printing station. He had this habit of either leaning against the wall nonchalantly causing her heart to race or lean against the counter to make a call that left her full view of his muscular rear. That rear made her blush and rush her attention elsewhere, less anyone at the office suspect she was dying to date him.

But, he had to know, right? Guys couldn’t all be so lost in their video games to not know they had it going on?

Sweet Guy Just Won’t Say Hi

If there was one gripe Betsy had about Connor was that he never made a move. He was too polished and proper to do that at work. Yet, no matter how often she dropped hints that she’d love to hang out, he rarely asked.

To make matters worse, no matter how much she let everyone know her social calendar’s availability, Connor never seemed to get the memo. In fact, the few rare times he asked her to hang out, it was on days she had no choice but to say no.

It’s like he was too sweet to say “Hi. I’m Connor and I’d like to take you out on a date”. The man couldn’t possibly be so full of himself to think himself above asking a girl out on a date. That didn’t fit his personality.

Connor just seemed to not get it. That was frustrating. The years were ticking slowly by, but ticking nevertheless.

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