Just Ask Already! The Party

<From the Prelude to His Side and Her Side, we heard Mr. Braum‘s view….it’s now time to party>

What’s the worse that can happen?

As Connor finished his work, he noted that the time was late and the office party must be at it’s peak. The fun the team must have had, he’d scarce let himself imagine. Satisfied with his work, there was a choice to make.

Head home and sleep or go find something to do to ensure his mind not wander and wonder. There was not much out there to do that wouldn’t remind him of relationships or what he had heard during his office encounter.

Not wanting to waste too much time idling, Connor rushed out and busied himself avoiding the large holiday crowds milling about aimlessly and gleefully.

Several blocks of progress later, someone he recognized flagged his attention. It was Sabine from the office. She now had the title as the only lady to hold Rex’s advance in check. What had her out and about was trivial to Connor, but the way she had flagged his attention made him pause with curiosity.

Oh… sweet… lovely… confusing… Sabine

As he neared and politely greeted her, Sabine wasted no time diving straight to the point.

“Before you regret anything and grow to be like Mr. Braum, please talk to Betsy…now”

Connor stopped and rocked back on his heel. The direct hit had slid right inside the crack that was exposed earlier that day. His longing for closure and understanding got the better of him.

What was the worse that could happen, he had already struck out miserably the past two years, why not close out the streak with a hat trick.

Giving Sabine a pained look and feigned annoyance, he shrugged his shoulders and bade her goodnight and walked off as calmly as his shaking limbs would allow.

Ignoring the puzzled look on Sabine’s face was not too hard. This was not one time he wanted to stick around and chat with anyone from the office. There was something amiss and he didn’t want to find out what that was.

Worse, Sabine was the other woman who had him constantly confused about his standings with and about her. Unlike the case of Betsy, these weren’t romantic feelings. They were the type of friendship vibes that seemed to be more than office friendship yet couldn’t be easily defined.

As he headed on his journey, a weird sense of dread started to kick up. Looking up ahead of him, it was the hotel where the office party was being held.

Unsure of how he had managed to walk over towards that part of town, the exact opposite direction of where he thought he was going, it now made sense why he had run into Sabine.

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