In Good Company

Wishing everyone a beautiful and wonderful week. Why not. Life is hard enough as it is. Let’s just go about wishing everyone the best at the start of a week… instead of starting off with a groan and moan about it being Monday.

That is of course unless you were given a reason by your lover to moan and groan… in which case, you’re already having a fantastic beautiful Monday to begin with.

Which brings about a very interesting short point. What company do you keep?

This blog post is inspired by a few of the folks that keep company of this writer. It’s good to have folks encourage you, it’s also good to have people keep good company with you. To keep you adventurous and moving in a positive direction.

In Good Company

The association of like-minded individual is a natural thing that happens. Birds of a feather will flock together to borrow a popular, yet paraphrased, quote.

The same can be said for relationships. Having folks who already live the goals one can want in a relationship helps keep the goal focused and in mind, if seen from a non-jealous set of perspectives. Both parties in love can benefit from the encouragement others in similar love goals have.

Which brings back the whole moan and groan thing. In some circles, the concept of a Monday morning orgasmic wake up call is normal standard operating procedure. For others, it is a completely foreign unheard of concept. It’s Monday for crying out loud, who wants to wake up early to embrace that day?

The ones who are awakened by a lovely stroke of the hand, a kiss on the forehead, a back massage, a gentle swat of the gluts, or any other loving gesture one can imagine. Those folks do enjoy Monday mornings quite a bit.

It’s a short life… keep good company

With all the do-not and can-not limits of daily living, work with your partner to create the kind of environment one can be happy to come home to, be happy to fantasize about during work, to want to rush home to after work. After all, that is good company to hold.

Never underestimate the power of good neighbors and friends. When the ladies of the relationships start talking and sharing notes of what they enjoy about their men… ideas spring out that otherwise would have been missed. A gentleman is always looking to add value to the circle he keeps, and also keeping valuable company. While he benefits from all the typical good guy hang out stuff, she will too.

What better way to introduce a spicy Monday morning to your love life by having your partner exposed to others who find that love perspective totally normal… peer pressure working positively to have a great Monday morning.

This could be your morning… but…

He walked into the kitchen looking for a cup of coffee to bring to his lady… who he thought had gone to the bathroom. To his surprise, he found her sitting on the kitchen table with a look of fantasy in her eyes.

As he approached and prepared to kiss her forehead good morning, she parted her legs and he lost track of his thoughts as he saw that she was only wearing his shirt and nothing else. Her naughty smile was not lost on his mind as he allowed his testosterone to rev up to full song.

Kneeling before her, he parted her legs, hearing her exhale in surprise, as he moved in closer. Whispering, no rasping softly “Good Morning Love” her skin rippled with goosebumps as his hot breath across her other lips stirred all kinds of estrogen through all of her, leaving her nipples erect and wanting.

She parted her legs even more, in anticipation, as his teeth found their marks deep inside her thighs. She yelped in understandable surprise. Instinct wanted her hands to push him away, but he was not hearing it.

“Try that again…” he low-key ordered. She got the message and eased herself for a lovely start of her day.

“Yes daddy, please daddy”. That was all he needed to hear.

This could well be your morning…

If you’ve got the right company, you can be encouraging others to be like this… just as well as others could be encouraging you to have that lovely a Monday morning start.

Have a great week! One filled with blushes at that 😉

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