Sarah’s Wish

Before the wish…

Before we dive into the story, some may wonder about some of the back story information. How these two met, why is there a connection? Why would Sarah have a wish?

All of that can be found in the archives. A quick search of the categories, tags, blog list and you’ll see about Sarah’s wanderings about Steve.

We first met the cast of characters in this post here about how Steve Shifts a Gear.

They’ve continued the adventure with The Client

And who is Donna? Well, you’ll catch up here. For now, just enjoy the post below

Sarah’s Wish


Sarah knew better than to wait by the phone. Guys rarely called her back when they said they would. She didn’t have the time to figure out men either. Having a full satisfying life, if love found her, it would be just a bonus. That encounter with Steve had only ruffled her feathers a short few hours. She knew that guys like him didn’t have time for gals like her. They always had commitments going. And when not busy succeeding at life, they had bombshell dates on their arms. No thank you. Sarah was fine playing the game but kept out of the details of the game. It was fun propping her legs up and teasing Steve a little, but that was not going to define how she ran her life. Only if he was different, and called, then, she’d know. But, he hadn’t called, just like all the others.


Sarah was content working at the local school and helping the girls become women. Independent women who needed to know how to achieve on their own and not depend or wait on any man for anything. While it wasn’t part of the curriculum, the results she had made the school insist she helped during the summer also. The women came to her as girls who ogled guys and fawned over teen love and left her as women ready to conquer the world and chase their dreams. Team building, education first, self love, and paying forward to other women was just a small part of what she did at the school.

Being an accomplish alum, Sarah had broken records her whole life. A gymnast and volleyball champ who graduated with dual masters at the age when most are trying to graduate from college, Sarah was your classic over achiever in school and sport but your classic girl next door beauty queen who refused to do pageants. When it came to men, they fell into one of a few categories. Those who saw her as a conquest to place in their black books, those who were too scared to say hi, those who promised the world and delivered sand. Not being the settling type, Sarah pursuit her passions with full abandon.

The day she had helped Steve was just one of those rare moments she tried something new and different. The man was both cute and hot. Steve was not like most guys around town. He had a heart of gold and helped any and everyone one. He was not after fame or recognition. He genuinely helped. The only thing that was not cool about him was the women he dated. Yeah, boys will be boys. Every week, it seemed, he had another trophy gal on his arms. Two seemed to stick around more than one date and of those, only one seemed human and approachable. Too bad the man couldn’t see a good thing when it was staring him in the face.


To Sarah’s vexation, she had been drawn to him and seemed to try to catch his attention as subtly as she could. Of course, he never noticed. The man was too busy helping everyone else. Seeing him stammer and stutter in the rain was too good to be true. Sarah had played too eager with the guy. No way was he going to call. No way was he going to remember her. She had been too forward, too macho, too intense. That was what all her girlfriends would have told her if she even dared recall the tale of how she rescued him and his muscle car with her tiny commuter car. Men hated being rescued and proven incapable. That’s just what she had done. Don’t talk about the stupidity of propping her legs up on the window to toy with him, how embarrassing.

Sarah reminded herself that this silly distraction had to stop. It was foolish to think that gallant skirt chasers were worthy of her time and affection. She knew how much she had to give, but there were none worthy.

While it was true that she would have enjoyed the challenge of diagnosing that car’s problems with Steve, Sarah understood that her tomboy side only worked great in the school setting. In the real world, successful ambitious women didn’t get the knight in shining armor. They got the caring limp nerd who did everything right by them but offered no spice or leadership in the home. That sad thought made Sarah chastise herself for being so negative about a situation that would never become. After all, she reminded herself again, he had not called. Even if she hadn’t given out her number, she was a listed faculty member and he was in the directory too, he didn’t want her and wasn’t calling. The drool and fascination was just because men were weak. They loved curved legs and acted the fool about them. In fact, Sarah counted her plain Jane beauty as a curse. Men were intimidated by her curved athletic build and ran for the hills when her educated tongue spoke knowledgeably about anything.

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