Super Mom

There is a being on this planet that has managed to quietly revolutionize the very fabric of society and time. This being has done it all, made it look easy, and has not been recognized as a global super hero. This being has tirelessly worked, toiled, and sweat out tears, while graciously looking ever successful and powerful. This being has just one day to show off, better yet, humbly take in appreciation. This being works in the shadows of consciousness. Who is this?


On this wonderful Mother’s Day, most citizens of the world take the time to say thank you to the giver of life who has made it possible for them to exist. Without her near death experience of pushing you into the world… and investing all manners of resources into you, we’d not have life as we know it. This of course takes no credit away from God who himself empowered these women with that gift of partaking in creation itself.

Super Moms the world over have balanced the unthinkable and made it look very easy. Often times working with sub-par means, she’s magically enhanced and multiplied the little she had to make her child(ren) become amazing people. Sure, it’s true not all children can be saved, but the vast majority have been, thanks to the super hero abilities of a mother.

The juggling act of working, nourishing, educating, supervising, transporting, cleaning, advising, cheerleading, negotiating, protecting, encouraging, and admonishing are just a few of the many job titles these super heroes carry with pride and humility. They don’t frequently let you see their struggle, they don’t often share their pain, they don’t often keep score… even when they make you believe they’re doing so. They’re the unicorns amongst us that we just seem to not see.


Because these moms do so much so well, few guys do feel a bit threatened. Just look at how well women are combating inequity at work, school, and play. The work is being done with and without the help of the men who attempt to be gate keepers of fair play. They deal with all manners of stupidity with a smile and keep plugging away at reform with eternal hope that one day they’ll get their due.

Sure, she’s expected to “snapback” quick fast after delivering life. She’s expected to never show signs of her struggle, as she’s counted to be sexy whenever her baby is not in sight. She’s not expected to look super hot as a regular mom, because well, she’s theoretically barefoot and pregnant in the home. God forbid she breast feeds in public to keep her child alive.

Expected to be content with less pay for the same work, she’s expected to multiply the limited resources and do more than her fair share. She’s working all the time to balance things that most guys would not dare attempt to balance. Why? She’s super mom!



Had my mother not been a super mom, I’d not be able to juggle the things I do today. I’d be that working guy who let his wife do it all on her own. My mom taught me how to balance work, play, school, and down time. I am able to actively participate in the life of my children while working, supporting my wife, writing, learning, and expanding my voice as a human being. I am able to be a partner with my lady (despite all male issues that comes with being a guy).

Because of the careful gentleman training I have, I was able to recognize my queen. She’s giving my children all the resources I know they need but am not alway sure I can deliver. She’s done the miracles of a super mom. She’s a super mom. She’s incredibly awesome! I feel like I won the jackpot of fortunes with the supermom lotto.

I’ve also been super blessed to have women mentors who used their super mom skills to share wisdom with me that have helped me refine my skills as a gentleman. It is not something they were obligated to do, they just did because that is what super moms do.

The wonders of Super Mom

How super moms manage to do so much with so little is beyond me. I do know that it encourages me to press forward and work that much harder at being a great man, husband, father, brother, and son. It is the best way of paying forward their investment, being the best version of me that I can ever be.

The teamwork, the society building skills, the selfless love, the way they multiply the love they get and shower their home with it… all incredible super powers that too many take for granted.

A mom is an awesome human being. A divine representation of love. A member of society who should be honored every single day for their awesomeness. Then, you tack on the super mom cape to them and they make the impossible seem trivially easy do to. If you want something done well and quickly, give it to a super mom to do.

In the working world, even if they’re not given their proper due, the handiwork of a supermom always raises the bottom line. They bring so many more skills to the table because they do so much in their world. They are true heroes of society. The real unsung heroes that makes the world a better place.

As we honor these women today, let us make sure we elevate their working conditions. Make their lives better and easier. Let’s not make mention of it just today, but let’s make it a routine to show our moms how much we appreciate them for what they do. Especially because they do super work. They’re super heroes!

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