When Too Tired To Post

I have let the words of the last post, SuperMom, sink in a bit more on a personal level. I have always wanted to do things on the level that these wonderful mothers do. Totally inspiring and amazing.

Today, I am trying my best to apply that into my life. However, fatigue is very real and harsh. I’m struggling to keep up with all the plates I’m spinning. Not quite sure how super moms do in these moments, after all, they are human like me.

What I’m learning about fatigue as a dad, hubby, writer, and employee is that you’ve got to know when you’re up against the wall and need a break.

I’m not talking about the absolute razor’s edge limit. I’m talking about you’re tired and you’re seeing the limits getting close. What do you do then?

I’ve had to sit back and look at the big picture and ask is it worth pushing to the razor’s edge… and today, that answer is nuanced.

I don’t want to give up and start the habit of missing posts whenever I get tired. That doesn’t suit the plans I have in mind for my long term success. However, as you’ll see in the soon coming long feature post, one has to adjust to preserver one’s energy.

I am of little use and value to my wife if I’m beat down tired. I’m of no use to my children if I’m totally beat down tired. However, I have to push and keep moving my goals ahead, because without doing so, I’m of no use to anyone in a state of defeat.

So, what’s the solution?

Chunk down to smaller better steps. Sometimes, in love, you’ve got to step back and do that self-care thing so you’re better able to love your partner, children, parent, sibling, you name it. For me, that means producing on a much smaller scale this post. I slept in a little. I went to be much earlier. Note: it’s not that my blog post is not ready, it’s just not fully edited… an “epic” post has to also be well written so one will read the whole thing

In the grand scheme of things, I’m too small a blog to have ill effects if I had missed today. However, I committed to myself to not miss posts. Not trying to go down that bad habit. But, I also want to produce quality. That’s how you keep a relationship solid. Hence the bit of transparency you’re seeing from me.

For the few who follow me very closely online, here you’re seeing proof that I do get tired. Fingers do hurt from typing so much for myself and for my job.

Fatigue is real, it hurts it’s hard, and it creeps up on you when you’re not always prepared for it. My tip to you, manage yourself and take care of yourself so that you’re not hurting the love you’re enjoying. I love what I do as a writer, and I love my family. Managing my level of fatigue is my way of ensuring that I don’t get so worn out I stop loving what I do.

Next post on this topic will do a deep dive on how fatigue will slowly ruin the best of romances. For now, I’m going to wrap this one up and call it a day. See you again real soon

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