Where you at? As in, where’s more posts?!?

Dear Readers,

I’ve not forgotten the love and passion of romance. I’ve not disappeared and forgotten. In fact, some fans have wondered if all is well.

Yes. All is well. Just tied up with a whole lot of other competing priorities that I need to step back, focus, regroup, power through. That way, I can return to this passion of mine… writing.

One of my readers recently pulled me aside and told me how much she misses my writing. I was trying so hard not to blush. I am impressed that some of you love my work.  I see the likes and see the comments on social media.

I also get tempted to say that my blog is too small and is not all that important. People won’t mind if I go dark or silent a few weeks to focus on my off-line life. Then, they surprise me and test my anti-blushing skills.

I hear you all. I will be back at this. I love writing. Never knew that before. So miss it a lot! And I’ve got a few concepts I want to play with and share.

Besides, the writer reader relationship is a very important and highly underestimated one… even by yours truly.

Until I return, stay romantic, stay alive, stay well, and feel free to brush up on any older posts that you might have missed.

I will see you again real soon with stories and ideas… preferred sooner than later.

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