A Little Vitamin D


The summer is a great time to spruce up a tan and get the body some vitamin D. Beach weather, vacations, new romances, seeing all manners of life that ordinarily is lost during the cold dark winter months.

Wait. New Romances?

Clarification: Some folks… qualifying for new romances.

While in the single culture, summer time is the time to enjoy the freedom of dating without too many layers of clothing… or layers of commitment… many enjoy their freedom from cuffing season.

Sadly, this is also the prime bikini season that has created many a heated argument about the importance of keeping a level and loyal eye in long term committed relationships. (not forgetting the bearded bare chested swimming trunk wearing distractions either… ladies)

In all honesty


Vitamin D is a good thing. Seriously, it is. Milk may do a body good but sun driven vitamin D just feels darn good. Even if you’re of the darker complexion persuasion, a bit of sun never hurts.

The issue comes with the way people treat sun bathing time. It is not necessarily the license to act all free and what not. It’s definitely a season of living and enjoying. It is also a season of refreshing one’s self and the relationship one has. In the event one does not have a relationship, this is a great season to ready oneself for any future relationship one might want.



Work on oneself? Why?

Simple, few people do it. By doing a little daily work on yourself and your relationships, you’re putting yourself ahead of the majority in terms of the quality you will be enjoying.

Let’s break this down a bit… keep it simple some.

All this high level talk can be a bit… vague. Let’s put a bit of brass tack to this.


During the Vitamin D season, fun is usually a higher priority the younger you are… not that the older you are there is less fun to have. Not a direct correlation or causation, just an observation. Young singles love the freedom of summer time. Beach. Vacation. Road trips. You know, the good stuff that summers are all about.

The older singles may not have as much discretion of time simply by default of having to hold a full-time job and not always having vacation time available. Nevertheless, Vitamin D season is a time to go out and have a great time.

Those who put a little effort in improving their networking skills, their social skills, their self-worth, self-confidence, and understanding their values and priorities… those folks have an edge come cuffing season (for those who don’t know the term… a quick Google search… cuffing season is the cold weather month season where many who would otherwise be single find themselves drifting into relationships to avoid being lonely in winter… paraphrasing courtesy of Urban Dictionary dot com).

Proverbs, in the bible, talks about using the summer productively to move oneself towards a better future. Those who take the good times and use a little of it to become better, they will do better later on. Instead of slipping into a relationship of convenience in the winter and settling for whatever, maybe, that extra effort will land you the relationship you do want. It won’t be a cuffed situation. It will be the relationship that will stand through seasons.

In a long term relationship

During Vitamin D season, this is a perfect time to refresh your relationship. Some mistakenly try to take vacations away from each other. That, well, that’s for another blog post. Be that as it may, instead of actively eluding your mate, how about putting a little time to do things that will spruce up the romance and revive the joy of being in love?

Sure, the more youthful lovers may have the luxury of going on an adventure hiking across mountains and deepening their relationship. The more veteran lovers not only can do the same, they have better means to go on more vacation destinations that suits their relationship style. Another way to look at it, a teen couple compared to a middle class middle aged couple, the opportunities to freshen a relationship is different.

Summer is a great time to put some life and action into your love life that the rat race of work might have dulled during the winter.

quick note

This site got a bit of a face-lift during the the writing break the author is currently taking. Feel free to visit about and check it out after reading this post. It’s much like how spring and summer cleaning goes. You refresh things so that they feel more comfortable. New look. New feel. New areas to discover. A good makeover.

That’s the beauty of the Vitamin D season. Bring more health and pep into the romantic life.

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