A Little Vitamin D

Speaking of health

The impact of that dose of vitamin D on your body can be felt into the Fall. Pretty sure someone can find evidence that some of the effects can be felt as deep as early winter, but not gonna split hair and make claims that’s not scientifically verified.

Bones, mental health, skin, and emotional health benefits from a bit of vitamin D. Short and long term benefits.

The same goes for love.

Injecting a bit of romance is like applying good Vitamin D into the romance. Like healing the soul and nourishing it. It helps one be more receptive to love and more giving to love. Everyone wins when there is a bit more sunshine in life, love, and soul.

Just like there are ways for those needing the sun to have a special light box to have the sun’s effect in the winter (to avoid Seasonal Affective Disorder), one can do the same for one’s love life too in the winter months of romance.

Each and every season needs the right dose of sun to keep things working smoothly and brightly.

As the summer gets ready to close, make the best of it to get your healthy dose. Build up yourself and your romance. Have that positive outlook, perspective, that enriches wellness.

After all, the love perspective you have will greatly influence the viability of your romance. Sprinkle that vitamin D, and be a bit happier… giving your love the best chance at being strong.

Wait… what of sunblock lotion?


Ah yes. Let’s not forget the sunblock. One does not want to get burned from too much sun exposure after all. Cancer does really suck.

In love, it is important to protect your relationship from those trying to rob you of your peace. Get that protection on. Make sure you have a hot and spicy date so that the bikini clad distraction can’t touch or burn you. Have that sweet loving chat over text at work so that well-suited distraction won’t rock your boat away from your docking station.

Safeguard your love so that you’re not left on the sidelines wondering why you got burned and have no one to share your experience with. This means keep up your own heat so other’s light seem dim to you. Turn up and be lit so that your partner can only see you and want only you.

Have good friends who will block those who want to slip in and ruin your goodness. Have systems of avoiding exposure to those who plant seeds of doubt, hate, jealousy, and suspicion where they don’t belong. (no advocacy here for lack of due diligence and routine maintenance on your romance… you can’t sleep behind the wheel of your love life)

What this post is saying is this, everyone needs to work on being their best selves. Every relationship will require work to be it’s best self. Everyone and every relationship has to also protect themselves/itself from negative outside influences.

Especially in the season of play, distraction, vacation, and just sitting lazy and chilling. This is the time to do that little extra that prepares for a better tomorrow. Invest. Build. Nourish.

Then, when the cold season hits, there will plenty of good supply of love in the tank as reserves to get through the cold. That’s just how plans, animals, earth, everything survives the seasons of life.

Go out and get you some good vitamin D and sweet sunblock… while you enjoy the upgrades to the site and let me know what you think of the change 🙂

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