A Fine Line to Walk

As the fun increased, the awareness of the work started to fade away. They were finding their grove. Betsy now had a special folder where she kept all the special messages from Jerry. It was labeled “Sir Jetset”. She blushed often whenever reading the various notes he had written. Those made her think of him in the sweetest of ways. Every now and gain, she’d send a very secure photo for him to enjoy on the nights that wore long.

While the talk about giving up his job never got resolved the way Betsy wanted, she was willing to wait a little longer as Jerry finally had explained his reasoning for keeping the job. It made sense. Betsy would not have wanted Jerry to curtail her efforts to climb to the CEO seat, her ultimate goal for her career.

They also created a special video vault that held many of the memories of the trips they were taking. In the vault were messages of love and encouragement that they left for the other to discover whenever they checked in on the vault. It was fun preparing and planning things to place in the vault for the other to discovery.

Betsy found herself being more adventurous during her breaks to discover nice place they could go out on dates. She’d create a video montage to share with Jerry in the vault to wet his appetite about what could be if they ever visited that location. Jerry took to the idea with joy. He loved seeing what his lady saw in her world. She had a great eye for beauty and knew a lot of great spots. He took her lead and started creating a montage of all the places he was working from.

Instead of his itinerary being a litany of hotels that all looked and felt the same, he now made time to enjoy the view, discovery hidden gems, and appreciate where he was while keeping his lady informed about his whereabouts without feeling like she was constantly checking in on him. Some of his colleagues enjoyed the fresh perspective they also started to do the same for their relationships. Betsy loved seeing how he was with his coworkers and clients in the various montages he made.

Respecting the fine line

Life was no longer about counting down the weeks until they could rush to a hotel and argue about how much time to spend together and how much time to spend watching television. It was now a weekly adventure of sharing what was important to each other. They were growing closer together as a couple because they were working with the reality they had to create their own paradise.

One day, Betsy found the book Jerry had been reading about long distance marriages. She devoured the book in one sitting. It was fascinating a read. Many depressing stats about failed love. Few good ideas on how to communicate and keep things fresh. What drew her attention the most was the notes of ideas Jerry had placed in the margins of what he wanted for his marriage. Things to spice things up.

The ideas were far better and far more practical than the ideas the guru had put forth. If anything, Jerry should write his own book about what really works in the real world. They should co-author that book because their success came from many rial end error efforts to find what worked for them.

At the end of the book, Betsy saw a well written love note from Jerry that brought her to tears. The man deeply cherished her and missed her a lot. He was doing all he could to not slow her corporate raiding ways while managing the demands of a boss who needed him more and more to travel and do business. She felt how much passion he had for her and how much he counted down the hours to meet up with her and devour ever bit of her presence.

The sacrificing was worth it. They were OK. They were more than OK.

Betsy decided to take on a new bit of initiative. She knew that her mechanically inclined hubby loved to have toys. She researched and found a few things that would tickle his fancy. Plus, they looked fun to participate in. Maybe, she could be a part of the effort to figure out the projects.

Once Jerry saw one of the toys she had in mind, he quickly smiled and made plans to fly in a bit earlier than planned. He knew exactly what he was going to do with this lovely device. He also made sure to let his wife know that she was going to be critically important to his success in assembly. The tone of his note made Betsy blush big time. Leave it to Jerry’s imagination to take some complex machinery and turn it into a relationship building adventure.

Each person in the relationship has their expertise. Each has their own view of how their knowledge works. When two work together, they can build something so much better than when working alone.

Jerry and Betsy had definitely rounded a corner and moved the needle forward in keeping their relationship very hot. The gained frequent flier miles made it so much easier for them to have better destinations for them to fuel the flame of their fire.

Who knew that gurus actually knew what they were talking about? More impressive, who knew that Jerry and Betsy would become their own gurus of love and influence friends and coworkers to spice up their own respective love lives.


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4 thoughts on “A Fine Line to Walk

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    1. Thank you very much Teekay! Means a lot to me. I’ve always enjoyed reading your blog posts (and Instagram posts) and drawing inspiration from you.

      I am still kicking around the very ideas of the post I want to do based on the inspiration you gave me. That day will come.

      I’m glad you were able to relate in a positive way. I hope many more can as well.

      You’re kindly welcome.


  1. Another well written entry to show how relationships will either evolve and grow together or they won’t. What is each person willing to do and give in order to ensure the success, how do we speak the others love language enough to help them understand our needs and for us to understand theirs. What can we give on? What are we holding back? What are we adding to the conversation? When was the last time we did a relationship check in? 🙂 ….nicely done as always.


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