When Thinking in Pink

During a pink breast cancer fundraiser concert, a bit of miscommunication leads a couple down a long path. Sometimes, it's best to just over communicate than keep silent. When a pink gift leads to pink cheeks....

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A Fine Line to Walk

Sometimes, experts know what they're talking about. Nothing stops you from building your own expertise. Making your relationship work is top priority... if you intend to have happiness all the days of your life. Small tweaks can give massive results if only you give it your best shot. Find what works for your circumstance and get really good at it. Adjust as you go along... Some lines are meant to be crossed.. others are meant to be walked. Walk you line finely

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The Fade

At first, they always put their best foot forward.... now, no longer single... they've let go a little. The Fade - that place where relationships... just... you know...

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A Wellness of Love

Sure, relationship takes work. Sadly, ,most people put in the wrong work and are shocked that things don't work out. Worse, others rather trade up partners before investing in themselves and their relationships. Refreshing your love is so well worth the effort for short term and long term happiness

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A Refreshment

Coasting along in their typical average marriage, Mary and Jim get confronted with a challenge that exposes their relationship to reality. Time to refresh everything. Face reality. Build their dream love all over again. What was that trigger? Will they make it? Every relationship requires maintenance and refreshments.

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A Strain Over a Drain of Pain

Couples fight. Some say over big things. Most, if honest, realize they fight over little things. Amber and Douglas were no different. Their fight almost flushed their strain down the drain (small play on words) Raises the question... how do you not sweat the small stuff anyway?

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Irrational Logics

there's at least three different ways to look at one event and come with many differing conclusions. He isn't always right and she's not always either. How can two different people see the same event so differently? Find out inside the blog post...

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Change Paradox

There is a way to change so that your relationship does not change.... paradoxically The more things change, the more they stay the same. Let's see how these ideas hold up in marriage... for a change... and see how change does change... if at all.

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