Happy New Year!

To all who read this post, Happy New Year! Wishing you the best for this coming year. Same for your loved ones.

Happy New Year!

While this post is happening during the moment where everyone is celebrating in one way shape or form, didn’t want my faithful readers to not know that I wish them the absolute best.

This writer does not do New Year’s Resolutions. Most people will not keep theirs. The one’s made by this writer many years ago was simple… don’t make any new year’s resolutions. That’s worked wonders so far.

This does not mean that there are no plans in motion and no aspirations. For those who followed closely, the site has gone through a few evolutions and changes. The goal this year is to continue the progress from last year. Create weekly enjoyable content for you.

Such plans have to be set in motion well before the new year arrives in order to keep things fresh and lovely

What will happen this new year?

There will be a bigger mix of stories to share. Of course. There will be the customary long posts, there will be more shorter posts, new ideas to test, and of course, the beloved series that many readers enjoy.

This will involve working harder to make you happier as you read this blog. It’s fun creating ideas. I encourage you to share in the comment section as well as on social media. That way I know what best to create for your enjoyment. I don’t want to just create my own stuff and hope you like it.

I hope to experiment more with the portfolio section of the blog and make it just as compelling as the blog itself. Not yet sure how to do that, but that’s the journey for the year.

Plus, the hope of encouraging your love to blossom is top of mind. It can be the friendship love, the family love, the romantic love, or the hot salacious love. While the blog is for entertainment purposes, if it sparks conversations with you and the people you love, then, some good came out of this entertainment.

Until we get fully up to speed here, cheers to a year of possibilities, growth, change, and more romance in daily life. I look forward to making new friends through this journey of writing. Have a safe and wonderful blessed year!

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