A blog about love… or some of it’s perspective at least… should have an epic romantic post for the day.

Sure. I can even do a poem that starts with “Roses, as delightfully red as they are…” but I will spare you.

The offline world is currently holding my attention very tightly. Blogging had to be put on a short term hold. Everything is ok however.

When the level of busy slows down, I will be able to resume my regular posting habit.

Before I go, let me just encourage you all to nourish your romance/love not just on this world recognized day, but every day at all times.

Even if it means investing just 15 minutes a day to show your appreciation of the person you love, do it. These little minutes add up fast.  (how fast? that adds up to nearly four days of being all out romantic in a given year)

For those who don’t understand the conversion.. 15 minutes a day means four 24hr dates a year.

More importantly, it means you’ve invested each day in the romance you hold dear and gave it a chance to live a lot longer than if you didn’t.

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone

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