Office Dating


Dating in the office has a degree of adrenaline that dating someone outside of work does not hold. The added stress (good or bad) of being uncovered or having to talk to Human Resources… can make the relationship feel so much more than it is. While it’s great to feed of one’s feelings of love, when dealing with romance at work, it is more about the head game than the heart game. Leave the heart game for outside of work.

Some say it takes a degree of maturity that comes with age to successfully date someone at work. This blogger strongly agrees with the degree of maturity but will pass on the age criteria.

When dating someone at work, the most advanced tip to share, have an exit strategy before actually pursuing the first date. Know how to wind down a relationship cool and calm well before hand. Know yourself very well and be mindful of your “deal breakers” that will trigger an exit of the dating trip. The clearer one is, the easier it is to iron out expectations before feelings get hot and heavy. Does not hurt to have those written down too.

Can someone date a coworker, yes they can. Can it be successful, yes it can. Have relationships budded into marriage… of course. I know a few who have. But, without a clear level headed understandings, the job can step in and add unexpected pressure that can lead to unexpected job status changes. You’ve got to be ready for that and know how to handle that with style and grace.

If this sounds like too much, and this is just the entry level stuff, then, don’t date someone at your job. But, if you feel this is cool and you want to move forward, be sure the other person is just as clear and comfortable as you are.

In closing, do read up on the policies of what is considered acceptable at your job. Be prepared to follow the policies to the letter. It’s bad enough people want to put their two cents into your private personal matter, do not give Human Resources a reason to be involved in your romance because you didn’t bother with the policies.

Tread carefully, lightly, wisely, and just maybe… cupid will be nice to you. Me… nah… chill… I’m good. I’m happily married to someone I never had to work with as coworker of the same employer. Yup. Legal speak lol!

Let me know in the comments below what you think about dating someone at work.


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