Making Time

The march of time often appears to change romance and stall love However... are we really making time for love? Robbing Peter to pay Paul... or investing in bonding through love? Musings on the time we say we spend... and should be spending

Team Work

The musings of a relationship that works together. The reflection of how a couple can adapt to the pressures of life when they work together

On This Day

Romance is most beautiful when it's celebrated from a platform of trust and honesty A look at wedding day vows... photos included... and the launch a journey in love

Keeping Romance Fresh

Falling in love... being romantic at the start... is easy The work often gets discounted... when things work out fine But... the same work that went into the art of seduction... is the work that keeps a romance...fresh Few musings on the mindset of keeping romance fresh

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Office Dating

Should people date each other at work is not the question... If one opts to date in the office... what are some considerations to make

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