Keeping Romance Fresh

Refresh the Freshness

Before wrapping up, let’s also understand something. People have to constantly be learning to improve. It is OK to read up on how romance works. It is OK to ask advice about how romance works. It is advisable to seek qualified help/information to level up our skills on romance.

The same train of life that took a few stops will have to get going again. When a train has to accelerate, it is subject to the same laws of physics that worked when it was in motion. Momentum. When romance comes to a halt, getting going is going to take effort.

We don’t notice the effort at the start of a successful relationship. We notice it if the efforts fail. But we discount the effort if things work out. Well. Now that they’ve worked out, understand that effort will be required to restart romance.

One has to adjust the scheduling, the types of activities, the frequency of romantic acts, the times of such acts, and a whole lot more.

It’s work.

Can be fun work. Or, if you’d like, hard work. But work nevertheless. It is recommended to view it as fun work to make it easier… that’s how one viewed it in the start of the relationship.

The longer the hiatus/stop, the more effort it takes to get going again. However, the train will move. And as it picks up speed, it will require less effort to keep the speed going.

The couples who are able to show romance deep into their lifelong romances are those who made the habit of keeping up their momentum. The others are the ones who learned the art of restarting their romances whenever it slowed. Both camps get very little press, because they’re winning and it’s working. Remember the habituation concept? Exactly why it’s not the most sexy of news to talk about a happy relationship that’s been romantic for years. The drama of failure is so much more intriguing.

However, just because it’s working doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate it. Celebrate being successful. (by the way, that does count as being romantic for some). Create your own rituals of celebrations. Create special dates to upkeep.

Romance thrives on creativity. So… make up the rules in a way that serves you. Don’t worry if you never make it to social media fame. The best relationships tend not to put out their secrets on display… not from selfishness… but more from being too busy making romance work to have time to broadcast about how well it’s working. They’ve got nothing to prove about their success other than to enjoy their success together.

The last point of this post, the give and take of relationships means that there will be times when one person is more romantic than the other. In those days, being grateful that one person is able to put in the work as the other is not… is a gift. Because, the tables do turn. Tides do shift. The reverse will be greatly appreciated.

In the long run, as long as both parties are doing their part and it’s working for the relationship… then romance will stay alive and well.

The key lesson. Always keep your relationship fed and fueled by romantic acts. It’s the only way to keep things fresh. And whenever the schedule allows it, pepper in some big acts of romance to help boost the overall awesomeness you’re working on daily.

What are your top three romantic things to do? What are you top three romantic things to receive?

Reason for the ask, someone might get an inspiration… reading the comments below. Help someone else touch their creativity… and thank you in advance 🙂


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